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igubal® spherical balls are dry-running and maintenance-free

igubal® DIN ISO 12240 spherical balls are designed with our high-performance, self-lubricating plastic materials for dry-running, maintenance-free operation. They are also self-aligning, corrosion resistant, lightweight and have high compressive strength and elasticity.

We rigorously test our spherical balls each year inside of our 41,000 sq. ft. test lab in Germany. The data is stored in our online service life calculator service life calculator, which you can use to calculate how many hours a specific spherical ball is expected to last inside your application.  Simply enter your requirements and see your results instantly.


  • Self-lubricating, grease-free, dry-running
  • Reduced downtime saves on cost & replacement
  • Corrosion-resistant, very lightweight
  • High compressive strength and elasticity
  • Spherical balls easily replace metal housings
  • Food & beverage packaging, bottling conveyor belts
  • Glass, ceramic and wood processing plants
  • Agriculture industry

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  • Injection molded, low cost, unique designs
  • Dimensional series: E following DIN ISO 12240
  • iglide® J material, low moisture absorption

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JEM low level absorption

  • Dimensional series: E following DIN ISO 12240
  • iglide® J material, chemical resistant
  • Low moisture absorption, low wear against shafts

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A180EM slim

  • Meets FDA regulations for contact with food
  • For metal bearing housings, wet environments
  • Wear-resistant, slim design, low-medium loads

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  • Abrasion resistant & low coefficient of friction
  • Low cost & low moisture absorption
  • Good wear resistance at low to medium loads
  • Dimensional series: E following DIN ISO 12240

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  • Low wear with shafts, low coefficients of friction
  • Low moisture absorption,
  • Vibration damping and low cost
  • Dimensional series: E following DIN ISO 12240

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  • Chemical resistant, excellent wear resistance
  • For temperatures 212-482°F,
  • Low moisture absorption
  • High compressive strength, high flexibility

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Injection-Molded Insert Bearings

JEM insert bearings

Grease-free, plastic insert bearings ideal for 1:1 replacement & retrofits

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