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Accessories for triflex R & Robotic Cable Management

igus® offers a wide variety of accessories for triflex® R that provide higher operational reliability, save space and allow for easy installation or replacement. Examples include standard mounting brackets with or without strain relief, light mounting brackets with strain relief, mounting brackets with radial support, gliding feed-through, brackets, abrasion protectors, heavy duty connections for axis 6, and chainfix® strain relief options.

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Standard mounting brackets

Standard mounting brackets

  • Quick and simple mounting
  • Mounting bracket available with (1) strain relief teeth
  • Mounting bracket also available as (2) intermediate connection and as (3) swivel bearing
  • Quick assembly with captive snap-on connection
  • Adapter bores for well-established robot types
  • Terminal or intermediate fastening potential

Fiber rod module

Fiber rod module

Create pretension wherever necessary to keep triflex® R out of work areas.

  • Full or partial mounting possible
  • Selective pretension possible
  • Will not catch on the exterior of the robot and provides smooth movement of the Triflex R in extreme applications
  • Automatic repositioning of triflex® R in its initial position

Abrasion protectors

abrasion protectors

Protectors and heat-proof jackets for more extreme applications

  • Protectors can be optionally used at the contact points for high service life, when strong stressing occurs through impacts and scouring of the e-chain® on the robot.
  • Simple assembly and quick replacement
  • Abrasion-resistant material
  • Dampening
  • Light
  • Glides smoothly over edges
  • Freely position-able on two consecutive chain links

Protective jackets

heat shield

Standard protective jackets to help protect in demanding environments

  • Short term protection against hot spatter up to 540°C
  • Coating: None
  • Simple replacement through the longitudinally mounted Velcro fastener option
  • Elastic sealed closure option
  • Silicon-free
  • Standard length from 500mm to 2,000mm

Robot cables

robot cables

Provides longer service life in robotic applications

  • Cable intended for torsion motion found on 6 axis robots
  • Oil and coolant resistant jacket
  • Robot cables available with +/-180° and +/- 360° 
  • Up to 10 million torsion cycles guaranteed
  • Control, Hybrid, Motor, Servo, Bus, Data and Fiber optics available from stock

Mounting Brackets for Universal Robots

Mounting brackets for robots

Mounting Brackets for Universal Robots

  • Safe cable routing with triflex® R on "universal robots"
  • Easy connection with screw clamps
  • For two triflex® R sizes - Ø 30 and 40
  • For UR3, UR5 and UR10 robots 
  • For TRC, TRE and TRL e-chains®

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