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drygear® Apiro | Planetary gearbox with cantilever axis

The modular Apiro cantilever axis is also available with an integrated planetary gearbox.

Product information
  • available transmission ratio 4:1
  • very compact
Optionally available
  • various fasteners 
Product description
Our "Apiro" gearbox system for a wide variety of kinematic elements and superstructures was named after the Greek word for "infinite". In this way, individual applications can be implemented extremely modularly and cost-effectively. The Apiro modular system offers various transmission ratios as well as length variants, so that there is an infinite number of possible combinations and applications.

General specifications
  • Worm gear with tribologically optimised material compounds
  • greater forces possible with the same installation space
  • high efficiency
  • great positional accuracy
  • Motor drive or manual drive
  • Modules can be connected in series or in parallel 
  • INI kit available for all options
  • Lightweight
  • Lubrication-free
  • Low clearance
Individual applications can be implemented with the drygear® Apiro modular gearbox system in a modular and cost-effective manner. Possible areas of application can be in the packaging, food, medical industries and many more. The modular gearbox system can be motorised or used for manual adjustments. 

Application examples:
  • Lane adjustments,
  • Pusher tasks,
  • Gears with different ratios,
  • Rotary tables and rotary axes
Technical data

Application Assistance

For questions or product information, please contact:

Matt Mowry

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