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iglidur® I151-PF, 3D print filament

  • Easy processing
  • Suitable for all 3D printers
  • High abrasion resistance at low sliding speeds 
  • Good mechanical properties 
  • Food grade according to FDA and EU Regulation 10/2011
  • Blue color for visual detectability
Product description
The declarations of food conformity and data sheets for the iglidur® I151-PF can be found in the download area.

Easy-to-process, abrasion-resistant filament for printing of food-grade components in blue

The tribofilament iglidur I151 is suitable for printing components with high wear resistance, as the material is enriched with solid lubricants. It was specially developed for use in the food and packaging industry: The printed components exhibit food conformity according to FDA and EU Regulation 10 / 2011, and the blue color ensures the required visual detectability. iglidur I151 is furthermore an all-rounder material, because its good mechanical properties (strength, toughness, layer adhesion) make it suitable for most applications and 3D printers. It is just as easy to process as common filaments made from PLA or PETG. iglidur I151 has comparable mechanical properties to iglidur I150, by far the most commonly used igus filament. There are restrictions only in the maximum permanent application temperature of 65 °C and for highly dynamic applications. With the Bonding agent for tribo-filaments, iglidur I151 can be processed on common print bed surfaces (e.g. glass).

When do I use it?
  • When the application requires a food-compliant material according to FDA or EU 10 / 2011
  • When an optically detectable material is required
  • When the application requires low or medium sliding speeds (up to 0.2 m/s safe, above that it is necessary to test)
  • When looking for an easy-to-process tribofilament that can be processed on any 3D printer
  • If I have a 3D printer without a heated print bed

When not to use it?
Adhesive film for the print bed necessary when the print bed is not heated.
Please note the processing instructions of the iglidur I151-PF 3D printing filament in the download area.

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