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igus® gives designers of 3D printers access to a large construction kit - linear technology, plain bearings, energy supply chains and lead screw units - always completely self-lubricating, delivered from 24 hrs.

Freedom from external lubrication - a long life!

Silent run and smooth gliding

Long life

Wide variety of sizes and options

Lightweight, easy assembly


Delivery: from stock

Energy supply systems / cable guide on the print head / extruder

Cable guide on the print head / 3D printer  

Solutions for smallest bending radii

Low weight, high dynamics

Versatile, modular inner separation

Linear motions of the XY axis

XY axis on the 3D printer  

Best running properties


ø 8 mm compatible to ball bushings

Large linear construction kit

Height-adjustable Z-axis

Height-adjustable Z-axis / 3D printer  

Low profile linear guides

Quiet, lightweight, clean

Maintenance-free, dry operation

Predictable service life

Print table / bed lowering mechanism

Print bed / print table lowering mechanism / 3D printer  

Lead screw / nut with trapezoidal thread

Self-locking with high efficiency

Self-lubricating and low-noise

Vibration damping

Vertical guide in a delta tower

Vertical guide in a delta tower  

Slim structure

Maintenance-free, dry operation

Self aligning bearings

Reliable energy supply system for 3D motions

triflex® e-chain® system

More information:

3D Printing machine

igus® products in 3D printing machine construction kits, light, cost-effective, self-lubricating

3D Printing machine    

iglide® Tribo-Filament

Maximum wear-resistance with the iglide® tribo filament for 3D printers as piece goods.

iglide® Tribo-Filament    

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