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3D printed toothed belt discs: customised and efficient, no minimum order quantity

► Quick manufacture: ready to ship in one to three days
► No lubrication or maintenance necessary

► Configure a suitable toothed belt disc in 60 seconds with our free CAD templates
► With flanged discs as a single piece for T and AT toothed belt profiles

Toothed belt disc CAD configurator

No CAD model at hand? Use our configurator to create a customised toothed belt disc for download to all commonly-used formats in just 60 seconds.
► No registration necessary
► Tooth number and width can be selected individually
► For T and AT toothed belt profiles
► With or without flanged discs

Configure toothed belt disc CAD
Configure and order 3D toothed belt discs online

What materials are recommended for 3D printed toothed belt discs?


  • iglidur I3 is remarkable for its great stability and has the longest service life of any standard material
  • Because of its optimised sliding properties, iglidur I6 is a suitable  material for toothed belt discs. This is especially true of applications that need to be food compatible
  • iglidur I8-ESD is suited to toothed belt discs in applications that require ESD properties, such as those used in ATEX machines

Would you like to use 3D printed toothed belt discs in your application? We would be happy to advise you.

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