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Corrugated tube and corrugated tube accessories

A corrugated tube, rigid in itself while openable and suitable for cleanroom solutions is the perfect solution for many applications. Furthermore, if you want to make an existing corrugated tube more stable and rigid, this is where you will find a suitable solution.



Cleanroom energy supply

  • Inner height: 28 to 40mm
  • Can be opened and closed like a zipper
  • Less installation space required
  • Protection against dust and water ingress
  • IPA classification 2
  • Second prize in the 2018 Fraunhofer clean technology awards


Corrugated tube systems

  • Available in 4 sizes for hose nominal widths NW23, NW29, NW36 and NW48
  • Can be easily retrofitted
  • To increase the service life of cables in corrugated tubes

PMA cable protection hoses

PMA cable protection hoses  

  • To protect flexible, electric cables

CRC. 255


  • Inner heights: 24 to 25mm
  • Specially developed for the cleanroom
  • Abrasion-resistant, very tight seal