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Stabilize and reinforce corrugated tubing with e-rib guides

Dynamically reinforcing corrugated tubes

The reinforcement for existing corrugated tubes – e-rib Introduced in 2015, now with the addition of new sizes and a new connecting/mounting bracket this year. The e-rib is clipped onto a corrugated hose The new sizes are independent of hose manufacturer The e-rib stabilizes the corrugated hose so that it can only move in one direction. With e-rib lateral guide elements, the corrugated hose requires no support along its length.


  • Less installation space required
  • Can be easily retrofitted
  • Independent of hose manufacturer
  • Stability prevents unintentional sideways movement
  • No change in the impermeability of the corrugated hose
  • 3 sizes for nominal hose widths NW23, NW29 and NW36
Typical application areas:Fast, short unsupported lengths, standing or hanging applications, pick & place, printer


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