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CF98 Control Cable With Low Minimum Bend Radius in Subway Train Doors

chainflex® CF98 control cables are used in the pneumatically operated passenger doors on subway trains.  50 vehicles with four carriages each have a total of 800 doors. The average number of opening/closing operations per year and per door is around 50,000.  Initial problems developed with a copper-based cable after just 6 months, which prompted the search for an alternative cable.

The chainflex® CF98 control cable is an alloyed cable, which is softer in its molecular structure and therefore not inclined to become brittle or break when flexed. As a result, service life has been increased: the control cable has accomplished 450,000 door cycles without any interruption or error message during testing. Since each train was retrofitted with CF98, no failures have been recorded. Despite this high-stress application, the cables can expect a minimum service life of 20 years.

Chainflex® CF98 control cable Control cable for applications involving narrow bending radii. Potential applications include, automatic doors on public transport.
Chainflex® CF98 control cable Extremely cramped installation conditions: the cable carrier and enclosed control cable for narrow bending radii encounter no problems despite around 50,000 opening/closing operations every year. The service life is expected to run past 20 years.

The CF98 control cable comes pre-harnessed inside an igus® energy chain cable carrier and comes ready to install.  Cable carrier systems use cutting edge technology in mechanical and plant engineering. Today even narrow bending radii do not pose any problems. The control cable chainflex® CF98 is ideal for applications involving narrow installation spaces and correspondingly small bending radii, for example.