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Zinc electrolysis, bathing halls

Votorantim Metais Cajamarquilla near Lima, Peru, produces more than 1000 tons of zinc every day. The product is obtained through the process of electrolysis, and the thereby created sulfur fumes are highly corrosive and corrode the system of the customer. For this reason, materials and systems that can withstand these extreme conditions are selected.

An important application in the field of zinc production is the removal of the newly manufactured zinc cathodes. An igus® energy chain system that can withstand the sulfur fumes was selected for these key points that also ensure long-term use without maintenance requirements. The selected PVC cables are as reliable as the roller chain 4040CR; the systems are routed in a stainless steel trough respectively.

Used energy chain: 4040CR-12-200-S10-0-E
Travel: 138 ft and 269 ft
Speed: low
Acceleration: low

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