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triflex® robotic cable carriers used for automotive production

In the automotive industry, cables used on welding robots, are moved constantly and have to be protected from environmental influences. triflex® energy supplies protect cables during 3D and torsion movements of the robot. They are quick and easy to fill and therefore save valuable time. If you fit them with chainflex® cables that have been specifically developed for applications with very high loads, you create an unbeatable team with long service life. As no two projects are identical, our solutions for automotive production are available as a universal modular kit and can be tailored to each application.

triflex® R

triflex® R

  • Specifically developed for robot applications
  • Robust and resistant
  • High tensile strength
  • Configurable
  • Easy filling

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Retraction systems

triflex® R retraction system

Shorter cable lengths, as there is no deflection


Space-saving design

Fewer deflection points

Higher process reliability for LLK and supply hoses

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chainflex® cables

chainflex® bus cable

  • 36-month chainflex® guarantee
  • Unharnessed or harnessed
  • Developed for moving applications
  • Predictable service life

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Long-lasting cables despite very hard work

Robot arm with triflex® R and retraction system

Due to multi-dimensional movements, the cables on the robot are subjected to large amounts of stress. Therefore, the easy-to-install triflex® R e-chains® offer extremely flexible cable protection and hence reduce assembly costs and downtimes.

Cable protection at rotation angles of up to 540°

Robot arm with twisterchain®

In the example, the energy supply twisterchain protects cables at the first axis of a robot during rotation movements of 180°. During rotations of up to 540°, cables can be guided safely thanks to twisterchain.

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Retraction systems prevents loop creation

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