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Innovative igus® cleanroom technology successfully put to the test!

Guaranteed to be particle-free

igus® is one of the leading manufacturers of e-chains® in the area of cleanroom technology, and has been successfully having its products tested since 1997.  In order to be able to develop new cleanroom-suitable products faster, the Fraunhofer IPA as development and certification partner, has now designed and implemented a customized cleanroom laboratory with an ISO Class 1 cleanroom system in Cologne on behalf of igus®.  With the new lab, customer tests and the development of new products by the plastics specialist can be carried out in advance under realistic conditions in a very short time.

igus® cleanroom laboratory for ISO class 1 components

The new igus cleanroom laboratory was built by Fraunhofer IPA for the rapid development of particle-free motion plastics suitable for cleanrooms up to air purity class 1 according to ISO 14644-1.

Cleanroom tests according to ISO 14644-14
Carry out long-term tests under real conditions
Improve products in the shortest possible time
 Implement customer-specific setups directly

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Cleanroom products: Tested, proven, approved

Flat cable guide e-skin flat

e-skin® flat cable guidance system

Modular and compact design. Cable replacement in minutes in case of failure, no welded cables. ISO Class 1.

System E6.1

Energy chain E6.1

High dynamics and low noise level at 1m/s = 32dB(A) according to igus internal test 4479. IPA classification - Report IG1303-640-1: ISO Class 1.

Further cleanroom products

Further cleanroom products

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e-skin flat sound measurement The noise level of e-skin flat is only 29 dB(A).

Sound measurement of the e-skin flat

This test shows how quiet the igus flat cable guidance system e-skin flat (A) is. Compared to ribbon cables (B) and (C) of competitors, the e-skin flat has a noise level of only 29dB(A) - tested in the igus laboratory, Cologne with 1.5m/s unsupported, on standard rack for sound measurement (dampened plate, without guide). 1m distance to the measuring device.

Endurance test of the e-skin corrugated tube

The e-skin corrugated tube has been specially developed for cleanroom applications. In the laboratory, it withstood more than 6.4 million double strokes at 3m/s under realistic conditions.

e-skin soft corrugated tube bending test

The standard bending tests show how flexible the e-skin soft is. It only bends, even under loads that would break other energy chains.

EN ISO 14644: Standard for determining the cleanroom classification

EN ISO 14644 (in Germany DIN EN ISO 14644) is an internationally valid standard for cleanrooms and cleanroom areas. With the help of the standard, it is possible to divide rooms into cleanroom classes (ISO 1-9). The standard also takes into account aspects relating to the planning, operation and control of cleanroom facilities.
Originally developed in the semiconductor industry, EN ISO 14644 replaced the old US FED STD 209E standard in 2001. And in the meantime it has established itself in numerous industries – including aerospace, optics, pharmaceuticals, food, medical technology and healthcare.
In order to divide cleanrooms into cleanroom classes, EN ISO 14644 focuses on the concentration of particles in the air. The standard sets limits for the maximum permissible particle concentration per cubic metre of air. And assigns the degree of purity to cleanroom classes ISO 1-9. This is how ISO class 1 cleanrooms achieve the highest level of purity. For this purpose, a maximum of ten particles with a maximum size of 0.1 micrometres may be present in a cubic metre of air.
In order to determine the concentration uniformly, the standard specifies not only particle limit values but also recognised test methods.  Modern particle measuring instruments are often equipped with a laser diode for the most accurate measurement. A table shows the minimum number of measuring points per area. The room meets the requirements if the average value of each measuring point does not exceed the limit values.

Further information

Test laboratory for energy chains

Test laboratory for energy chains

Largest test laboratory in the industry with a total area of 3,800m².  3 billion test cycles for energy chains alone.

Certifications and seals of approval

Certifications and seals of approval

Our products are tested and certified for quality. igus quality is confirmed.

Our cleanroom solutions

Cleanroom solutions

Our cleanroom products are tested with the best possible cleanroom classification (ISO Class 1).