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Cleanroom tests: Preliminary "cleanroom" test at the igus® lab

Innovative igus® cleanroom technology successfully pass the test!

In the energy chains sector, igus® ranks among the leading manufacturers of cleanroom systems and has successfully tested its products since 1997. The tests that began in the Dryden Engineering Company, California for the E2 mini series 10 and 14, and Zipper series 15 (Cleanroom Class 1 - ISO Class 3), was continued in our own laboratory (with 29,600 sq. ft., the largest of its kind in Europe) and at the Fraunhofer IPA institute with an extensive test and certification program. igus® is therefore now in a position to offer an IPA-approved range of e-chains®, which ensures the machine-specific supply of energy in cleanrooms and an easier installation. And to the relief of customers, igus® offers not only energy chains, but also a matching cable for every dynamic application.
To make the best possible product for individual customer requirements, igus® has to face the challenges of cleanroom technology always anew. A technology that always opens up further application areas and demands lasting quality improvements from the manufacturer. Because of the intensive research activity, igus® is well equipped for this future market. As the latest development, we have the E6.1 cleanroom chain system added to the range and subjected to the IPA testing procedures. The results have surprised even the examiners. Notwithstanding all the innovations, it has straightaway achieved the ISO Class 1. Today, in cleanroom technology, it has brilliantly fulfilled the internationally binding and sophisticated standard DIN EN ISO 14644-1. In addition to the many general advantages of the E6.1 system, like the easier handling, reduced weight and still further simplified assembly, it is ideal for the needs of the clean room due to the new low-abrasion connector system. Even large unsupported lengths can be bridged. Moreover, the E6.1 is distinguished by an extremely silent travel with values ​​from 46 dB (A). The E6.1 is thus an IPA certified, stable, second generation e-chain system®, which has stood the cleanroom suitability test.
igus® can, besides the "constructive" cleanroom-suitable energy chains, offer other "normal" e-chains®, which scored 'good' to 'very good' test values. Our E3 system has also obtained the quality characteristic of the ISO Class 1 classification. As a small, three-piece e-chain®, it is designed for dynamic applications and with values ​​from 38 dB(A) it is ideal for the smooth, vibration-free and almost silent running. Even quieter runs the T3 band chains system with only 37db(A). Thanks to the concatenating plug-in side bands, an almost complete absence of wear is achieved. The T3 therefore is offered for highly dynamic applications and can be used in diverse ways due to the ISO Class 2 in the cleanroom technology.
The reason for the suitability of standard igus® e-chains® also for clean rooms is the high quality standards that we apply to all our products. Our laboratory in Cologne provides the valuable and necessary research, which have been confirmed by the positive test reports of the IPA. The "all-rounder", the E4.1 system , which is virtually universally applicable, could, due to the meticulous testing activity of our laboratory staff, equally fulfil the IPA standards just like the E2/000 system, which enjoys the patronage of mechanical engineers worldwide. Overall, but not the least, the success of all igus® e-chains® in the IPA test benches shows the accuracy our corporate strategy to invest heavily in research and development.
Our e-chains® unfold their maximum strength in combination with our chainflex® cable types that are optimally adapted to the highly dynamic energy chains. The customer can choose from a range of products from the 1,030 chainflex® cable types for the dynamic application. Of these, 620 types* have a cleanroom certificate. They have been tested by the IPA in dynamic application as inserted cables in the e-chains® and have performed equally convincingly. The combination of igus® e-chains® and chainflex® cables guarantees optimum performance and service life.

*chainflex® cables: chainflex® cables CF130, CF77, CF9, CF27, CF34 plus the CF clean air hose certified in accordance with ISO Class 1 - IPA.