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e-skin® flat | cable guidance system for cleanrooms

Modular principle for ISO class 1 applications

The cable guides for automation systems and robots in both display and semiconductor manufacture, as well as LCD/LED panel manufacture, must meet special particle-free requirements. Unlike common solutions that use defined flat ribbon cables, in which stranded elements are firmly fixed, the e-skin flat cable guide system is designed with an openable chamber. Flexible stranded elements, with or without connectors, that support chains, hoses, etc, can now be replaced or added in a few minutes.

e-skin® flat advantages

  • Modular and compact design
  • Replace cables quickly
  • IPA classification: Report IG2102-1212 - EN ISO Class 1 to DIN 14644-1 for e-skin® flat
  • UL-certified complete system
  • High reliability due to coordinated stranded structure CFCLEAN
  • Available from stock
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Versions and sizes


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e-skin® flat cable guidance system
  • Inner height: 12mm
  • Outer height: 13mm
  • Number of chambers: 2 - 6
  • Openable
  • Without support chain
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e-skin® flat cable guidance system
  • Inner height: 15mm
  • Outer height: 16mm
  • Number of chambers: 2 - 6
  • Closed version
  • No suitable support chain available
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NEW: SKF12C.UL.1.1.10

e-skin® flat cable guidance system
  • Design: enclosed
  • UL certified complete system
  • Inner height: 12mm
  • Number of chambers: 2 - 6
  • Cable ≤ ø: 2 - 6mm
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NEW: SKF12O.UL.1.1.10

e-skin® flat cable guidance system
  • Design: enclosed
  • UL certified complete system
  • Inner height: 12mm
  • Number of chambers: 2 - 6
  • Cable ≤ ø: 13mm
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NEW: Predictive maintenance

e-skin® flat - Predictive maintenance
  • Condition-based real-time information
  • Extends service life
  • Avoid plant downtime
  • Increase in (OEE)

Why the flat cable guide system e-skin® flat and CFCLEAN?

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q: Is the e-skin® flat approved for cleanroom applications?

    A: Yes, we tested the closed version of the SKF series in the Fraunhofer IPA test centre of semiconductor devices on the basis of ISO class 14644-1 and obtained ISO Class 1 certification.

  • Q: What materials are e-skin® flat products made of?

    A: There are two options: One is PVC and the other is nano-F-coated TPE.

  • Q: Can I use the e-skin® flat for unsupported applications?

    A: Only unsupported but please contact us and we will find a solution!

  • Q: How does the strain relief system of the cables work?

    A: The mounting brackets are made from aluminium. Strain relief for the cables is included ad made from a TPE profile.

  • Q: How long service life can you guarantee?

    A: That depends on your application but, normally, igus® products have been tested for 10 million double strokes.

  • Q: Do you have tools for opening the e-chains®?

    A: The e-skin flat is easy to open by hand thanks to the zipper.

  • Q: Is is possible to extend the e-chain® after installation?

    A: Yes, no problem. You only need a new mounting bracket.

  • Q: Would it be possible to replace or add some cables?

    A: Our SKF12.x.02 can be opened. You can change the cables very quickly.

In combination with the stranded structure CFCLEAN

  • No bending of the system due to stiff jacket cables
  • Low reset forces due to soft strand structure
  • Up to 21% weight reduction compared to conventional cables
  • Approx. 18% smaller diameter of the stranding elements compared to commercially available jacketed cables
  • CFCLEAN relieves the linear carriage and reduces the required drive energy
  • Tested for 80 million cycles
e-skin® flat cable guidance system
e-skin® flat cable guidance system

Further technical advantages

  • NEW: UL certified complete system - certificate recognised worldwide
  • Can be widened at will, grows with the user's requirements
  • Multi-layer model possible
  • Stackable, width-variable mounting brackets available
  • Fast, flexible exchange of the filling
  • Flexible standard modular system
  • No special production
  • 9dB(A) quieter than standard flat ribbon cables
  • 20% more cost-effective than commercially available cleanroom ribbon cables
  • Unsupported design with support chain option

Further information

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Our cleanroom solutions

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