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e-skin® flat cleanroom energy chains

Suitable for cleanrooms, compact and extendable

e-skin flat, the freely fillable flat cable guidance system for cleanroom applications with compact installation spaces/semiconductor production/LCD/LED panel production, inner height:
12mm, outer height: 13mm

  • Very compact structure
  • Modular structure using connectable profiles
  • Openable, flexible filling
  • Especially suitable for cleanrooms
  • Can be shortened as necessary
  • Version: closed and openable

Flat cable guidance system: e-skin® flat Cleanroom classification IPA Class 1: e-skin flat Report No. IG 1907-1125

e-skin® flat series

Product range:

Version: closed

Part number Inner height [hi] Outer height [ha] Outer width [Bi] Number of chambers Material Colour
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Version: openable

Part number Inner height [hi] Outer height [ha] Outer width [Bi] Number of chambers Material Colour
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Mounting brackets

The mounting brackets are made of aluminium. The strain relief component is made of TPE.

e-skin flat mounting brackets

Product range:

Part No.Number of chambersA [mm]B [mm]  
SKF120.2.01.1225748 Request








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Technical details

The e-skin flat consists of double profiles with 3 cable chambers each produced by continuous extrusion. These can be connected to wider systems.  
There are two versions of the e-skin flat. One with closed cable chambers and one version where the individual cable chambers can be opened and closed with a zipper. This has the advantage of fast filling, plus the possibility of replacing individual cables.
Both versions can be shortened individually.

e-skin flat cable - Filling


Blue: Max. cable diameter for one cable per chamber is 10mm
Green: Max. cable diameter for two cables per chamber is 6mm
Rot: Max. cable diameter for three cables per chamber is 4mm

Noise level measurement

This test shows how quiet the igus 'e-skin flat' cable for cleanrooms is. Compared to flat ribbon cables of competitors, the noise level of the e-skin flat is only 29dB(A).


e-skin flat with 29dB(A)


Competitor 1 with 33dB(A)


Competitor 2 with 40dB(A)

e-skin® flat cable for cleanrooms- Questions and answers

Has the e-skin flat been approved for cleanroom applications?

  • Yes, we tested the closed version of the SKF series in the Fraunhofer IPA test centre of semiconductor devices on the basis of ISO class 14644-1 and obtained ISO Class 1 certification.
What materials are the available e-skin flat products made of?
  • There are two options: One is PVC and the other is nano-F-coated TPE.
Can I use the e-skin flat for unsupported applications only or for gliding applications as well?
  • Only unsupported but please contact us and we will find a solution!
Would it be possible to replace or add some cables?
  • Our SKF12.x.02 can be opened. You can change the cables very quickly.
How does the strain relief system of the cables work in the energy chains?
  • The mounting brackets are made from aluminium. Strain relief for the cables is included ad made from a TPE profile.
How long service life can you guarantee?
  • That depends on your application but, normally, igus products have been tested for 10 million double strokes.
Do you have tools for opening the energy chains?
  • The e-skin flat is easy to open by hand thanks to the zipper .
Is is possible to extend the energy chain after initial installation?
  • Yes, no problem. You only need a new mounting bracket.

Cables for cleanrooms

Suitable cables for cleanroom applications

  • 918 types with cleanroom classification IPA Class 1
  • 166 types with cleanroom classification IPA Class 2
  • With highly abrasion-resistant jacket materials
  • Tested and inspected with a 36 month guarantee

Further information


e-skin corrugated tube

  • Space requirement: > 200mm
  • Bend radius: 55mm
  • Travel, unsupported: 1.3m

e-skin soft

e-skin® soft corrugated tube

  • Space requirement: < 200mm
  • Bend radius: 55mm
  • Travel, unsupported: 0.7m

Further cleanroom products

Further cleanroom products

  • Cleanroom ISO class 1
  • Space-saving
  • Low vibration