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drylin® SLW - linear modules and XY-tables

Torsionally stable aluminum dual shaft rails and many carriage versions characterize the drylin® W product range, and form a well rounded modular kit for the drylin® SLW linear modules. The modules are low profile, as well as robust. The drylin® SLW linear modules are not only ideal for manual format adjustments but also can be fitted with a motor to make electrical adjustments.

Variable carriage widths and lengths

Flat drylin® guide rails or high profile

Corrosion resistant option made of stainless steel available


Typical application areas

Format and lane adjustments

Packaging technology

Height adjustments

3D printers

Camera adjustment




Further product information

Shaft end supports made from anodized aluminum or from chromated die-cast zinc

Lead screw mounted with plain or ball bearings

Mounting plates made from anodized aluminum

Lead screw material: steel or stainless steel

Drive: self-locking trapezoidal thread or quick adjust high helix thread

drylin® SLW - drive technology
Compact lead screw unit  
SLW – Compact

Flat and compact

High torsional stability

Fully supported

Hard-anodized aluminum rail

Pre-loaded lead screw module  
SLWE – PL - preload

Flat and compact

High torsional stability

Fully supported

Hard-anodized aluminum rail

Lead screw unit mounted with ball bearings  
SLWE-BB mounted with ball bearings

Lower drive force

Minimized clearance up to 1,500 RPM (according to length and load)

Quiet operation - reduced vibration of the overall system

Compact lead screw unit with high helix thread  
SLWS – Compact with high helix thread

Pitch 8 x 15 mm

Flat and compact

High torsional stability

Hard-anodized aluminum rail

SAW linear module  
SAW - linear module

Trapezoidal or high helix threads

Ball bearing leadscrew supports

Rail profile in higher design, extremely torsion-resistant

Lead screw unit in stainless steel version  
SLW-ES - stainless-steel version

Stainless steel version with corrosion-resistant steel components (1.42305, 1.4408 or 1.4571)

Choose your bearing material

SLW-PT – With protected lead screw

drylin® W profile rail as a protective mechanism

Available with pitches 10x2, 10x12,10x50

Low profile design

3 carriage lengths

SLWT – two linear units are rolled into one

Different lead screw pitches can be combined

Separate manual adjustment of carriages

Self-lubricating drylin® W linear guide

Clearance adjustment (optional)

drylin® SLN - driven linear axes
Low profile linear axis with aluminium and plastic components  
drylin® miniature linear axis SLN-27-03 / SLN-27-04 / SLN-27-05

Single parts made from aluminum and plastic


Entry-level model

Lead screw mounted with plain bearings

Retrofitting possible

Low profile linear axis with aluminium and plastic components  
Miniature linear axis - SLN-27-14 / SLN-27-15

Small and compact

Based on self-lubricating drylin® N low profile guides installation size 27

100 % self-lubricating

Lead screw, ball bearing mounted for anti-backlash and dynamic operation

Manual and motorized operation possible

Low profile linear axis with aluminium and plastic components  
Miniature linear axis with motor - SLN-27-xxx

SLN-27: linear axis with NEMA11 stepper motor, lead screw ball bearing mounted via motor mount, or ball bearing mounted linear axis with NEMA11 stepper motor

Small (installation dimensions from 22 mm), light and flat

Polymer plain bearings in the bearing points

Self-lubricating linear module with lead screw mounted with ball bearings  
drylin® SLT - linear module with lead screw mounted with ball bearings

Low profile structure through lateral lead screw arrangement

Self-lubricating, corrosion-resistant, lightweight

Variable pitch

Adjustable drylin® T miniature carriage

Lead screw arrangement can be selected either left or right

drylin® SLW with digital measuring system
SLWM – with digital measuring system  
SLWM – with digital measuring system

Sensor integrated in the carriage, saving space

Operation without mains supply

Integrated magnetic tape

Self-lubricating operation

Extensive accessories available

drylin® ZLW toothed belt axis
drylin ZLW  
drylin® ZLW - belt drive

  • Quick positioning of small loads
  • Quiet running
  • Slim structure
  • Underwater application with UW belt
  • Cost-effective solution as basic version
  • Continuous operation

drylin® XY-tables
SLW - XY-table

Low-cost- XY-table solution for manual adjustments

Self-lubrication and corrosion-resistant

Maximum stroke lengths for XY-tables 300 mm

Multi XY-table stainless steel  
SLW - XY-table - stainless steel

For manual adjustments

Flat and compact

Entire structure made from VA and V4A stainless steel materials

Chemical and corrosion resistant

drylin® ready-to-connect drive system for stepper motor
Linear module ready to connect for stepper motors  
Ready-to-connect SAW for stepper motor

For your stepper motor
type NEMA-23

Lead screw drive mounted with ball bearings

Pitches 2 mm, 3 mm, 12 mm or 50 mm per revolution

Compact design, light weight, stable.

HTS Accessories  
HTS accessory for motor connections

Connect your drive to the maintenance-free drylin® linear units quickly and easily. Spacer, motor flange and coupling form the modular system for the easy attachment of your NEMA23.

drylin® accessories
V-drive for linear modules  
drylin® accessories for linear modules

Hand wheels, V-drives, spindle clamps, position indicators, and more

drylin® E product overview  
drylin® E - product overview

The consistent continuation of the modular system and the systematic idea of self-lubricating drylin® linear technology

DryLin® product finder

Product finder for leadscrew systems, toothed belt axes and tube adjustments.

DryLin® product finder    

DryLin® SLW

DryLin® SLW - System advantages at a glance

DryLin® SLW