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Lead Screw-Driven Actuators with Shafts: HTS/HTSP

The drylin® HTS line of lead screw-driven actuators are guided by precision ground support shafts, available in multiple aluminum and steel alloys.  Unlike our SLW line of linear screw-driven actuators, the HTS products are available from size 8mm shaft diameter, to the large high-capacity 30/40/50mm shafts.  From the standard, lightweight machined aluminum housings, to the highly corrosion and resistant 300-series stainless the HTS series offers high performance.  The shaft guides are clean and self-lubricating, and allow dirt and debirs to apss through the system without build up.  The HTS products also offer a complete configurator, allowing customers to add machined lead screw features, accessories like motors, as well as instantly get a 2D drawing and a 3D model, and the ability to order online.


  • Lower cost than ball bearing actuators
  • Dry-running self-lubricating bearings and lead screw nuts
  • Shaft guides allow dirt to fall away form the system easily
  • Multiple shaft materials form low weight aluminum, to deflection-resistant steel and stainless alloys
  • Various lead screw leads available
  • Accessories like motors, hand wheels, sensors and more

Use the Screw Driven Actuator (HTS) Configurator

Shop Lead Screw Driven Actuators with Shafts

HTS - standard

HTS - Standard Carriage Length

  • From 8mm to 30mm guide shafts
  • For speeds up to 100 rpm
  • 300 Series Stainless version available

Shop HTS - Standard Carriage Length
HTS-BB - high speeds & precision

HTS-BB - For motorized applications

  • Ball bearing lead screw applications
  • For speeds up to 1,500 rpm (depending on load/length)
  • Multiple lead screws, nut materials and housing materials available

Shop HTS-BB - For motorized applications
HTSC - Compact Carriage

HTSC - Compact Carriage

  • From 12mm to 50mm shaft guides
  • Can be outfitted with ball bearing lead screw supports
  • Includes our highest load-rated tables

Shop HTSC - Compact Carriage
HTSS - With High Helix Lead Screw

HTSS - With High Helix Lead Screw

  • Multiple hi-pitch leads available
  • For faster format adjustments
  • Ideal for applications under 100 rpm

Shop HTSS - With High Helix Lead Screw
HTS-PL - For Reduced Axial and Radial Clearance

HTS-PL - For Reduced Axial and Radial Clearance

  • Constant spring preloaded nut for axial play reduction
  • Radial clerance can be adjsuted for application requirements
  • Compact and lightweight

Shop HTS-PL - For Reduced Axial and Radial Clearance
HTS-ZB - High-Helix with Zero-Backlash Nut

HTS-ZB - High-Helix with Zero-Backlash Nut

  • High precision axial motion
  • Available in 8 and 12mm shaft diameters
  • Multiple lead screws available

Shop HTS-ZB - High-Helix with Zero-Backlash Nut
HTS- with Hygienic Design

HTS- with Hygienic Design

  • Ideal for easy-cleaning in high-pressure washdowns
  • FDA-compliant ploymer bearings and nuts
  • All stainless-steel housing and shafts

Shop HTS- with Hygienic Design
HTS-FF - for horizontal applications

HTS-FF - for horizontal applications

  • With quick release mechanism
  • Precise and quick adjustment
  • Self-locking lead screw nut

Shop HTS-FF - for horizontal applications
HTS-HX Actuator

HTS-HX: XY Slide Table

  • Low-cost, two-axis travel
  • Compact
  • Available with adjustable radial and axial clearance

Shop HTS-HX: XY Slide Table

Application examples

Application Assistance

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