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Belt Driven Linear Actuators: drylin® ZLW

The drylin ZLW is a line of toothed/timing-belt actuators that are best suited to move low loads at high speeds, even up to 5 m/s depending on the load.  Each linear actuator system is designed with our own highly engineered, self-lubricating plastic bearing liners—which enable quiet, grease-free and maintenance-free operation.  Whether used as an individual system or as part of a gantry robot system, the ZLW series offers the ideal solution when both confined space and ahigh level of torque support are required. All drylin® ZLW belt-drive linear acuators can be ordered ready for installation and configured with drylin® E stepper and DC motors.


  • Self-lubricating plastic linear bearing liners
  • Ideal for speeds up to 2-3m/s
  • Long strokes, up to 3,000mm
  • Lightweight anodized aluminum profile
  • Available as multi-axis gantry robots
  • Stepper and DC motors available
  • Sensors and their accessories available

Use the Linear Actuator Configurator

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ZLW-0630: Belt-driven actuator

  • 6mm Outer Dimension Guide Rails
  • Max Radial loads up to 150N

Shop ZLW-0630

ZLW-0660: Belt-driven actuator  
ZLW-0660: Belt-driven actuator

  • 8mm Diameter Guide Rails
  • Max Radial Loads up to 150N

Shop ZLW-0660: Belt-driven actuator

ZLW-1040: Belt-driven actuator

  • 10mm Diameter Guide Rails
  • Max Radial Loads up to 300N

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ZLW-1080: Wide platform  
ZLW-1080: Wide platform

  • 10mm guide rails with wider base, ideal for laterally mounted applications
  • Max Radial loads up to 300N

Shop ZLW-1080: Wide platform

ZLW-1660:  Belt-driven actuator  
ZLW-1660: Belt-driven actuator

  • 16mm guide rails
  • Max radial loads up to 2,000N

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ZLW-20:  Aluminum or stainless steel actuators  
ZLW-20: Aluminum or stainless steel actuators

  • 20mm guide shafts, with flexible width options
  • Max radial loads up to 3,000N

Shop ZLW-20: Aluminum or stainless steel actuators

ZAW 1040:  Cantilever axis  
ZAW 1040: Cantilever axis

  • Low inertia as motor mounts to the carriage and tooling is mounted to the dynamic rail
  • Ideal for Z-axis on gantry sytems
  • Low-weight

Shop ZAW 1040: Cantilever axis

ZLW 0630-P:  Carbon-fiber, belt-driven actuator  
ZLW 0630-P: Carbon-fiber, belt-driven actuator

  • Ultra low-weight
  • Non-magnetic
  • High rigidity

Shop ZLW 0630-P: Carbon-fiber

Multi-Axis Gantry Robots  
Multi-Axis Gantry Robots

  • X/Y and X/Y/Z configurations
  • From stock or easily customizable
  • Low-cost

Shop Multi-Axis Gantry Robots

ZLW-0630-OD: Opposite-drive actuator

  • Based on 6mm outer dimension guide rail
  • Max radial load up to 75N

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ZLW-1040-OD: Opposite-drive actuator

  • Based on 10mm OD guide rail
  • Max radial load up to 150N

Shop ZLW-1040-OD

ZLW-1660-OD: Opposite-drive actuator

  • Based on 16mm OD guide rail
  • Max radial load up to 1,000N

Shop ZLW-1660-OD

ZLW 1040: Belt drive for extreme conditions  
ZLW 1040: Specialist series

  • Special solutions for freezing temperatures, splash-water or underwater applications

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ZLW 1040-EX  
ZLW 1040-EX - for EX applications

  • Fulfills EX requirements for use in hazardous areas
  • Includes grounding cable

Shop ZLW 1040-EX

Application examples

Linear actuators in Pick & Place order picking station

A picking machine equipped with 2D and 3D cameras with drylin linear units with toothed belt drive (ZLW 1040 and ZLW 1080) ensures the automatic detection of empties. The systems are 100 percent self-lubricating and are characterized by extremely smooth running, high speeds and a high degree of accuracy.

Linear drives in Pick & Place order picking station

Automated cocktail mixer

The so-called "CocktailAvenue" is considered an innovation in the catering industry and provides automation behind the bar counter with mixed cocktails. In terms of technology, igus ensures a reliable operation of the construction with its product range. A drylin ZLW toothed belt axis works with an electric motor without the use of external lubricants and is completely vibration-free and insensitive to stubborn dirt. The timeless design of the linear axis also impresses.

More applications

Here you will find further successful application examples from our customers with drylin linear axes with toothed belt drive.

Application Assistance

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