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Belt Driven Linear Actuators: drylin® ZLW

The drylin ZLW is a line of toothed/timing-belt actuators that are best suited to move low loads at high speeds, even up to 5 m/s depending on the load.  Each linear actuator system is designed with our own highly engineered, self-lubricating plastic bearing liners—which enable quiet, grease-free and maintenance-free operation.  Whether used as an individual system or as part of a gantry robot system, the ZLW series offers the ideal solution when both confined space and ahigh level of torque support are required. All drylin® ZLW belt-drive linear acuators can be ordered ready for installation and configured with drylin® E stepper and DC motors.


  • Self-lubricating plastic linear bearing liners
  • Ideal for speeds up to 2-3m/s
  • Long strokes, up to 3,000mm
  • Lightweight anodized aluminum profile
  • Available as multi-axis gantry robots
  • Stepper and DC motors available
  • Sensors and their accessories available

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ZLW-0630: Belt-driven actuator

  • 6mm Outer Dimension Guide Rails
  • Max Radial loads up to 150N

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ZLW-0660: Belt-driven actuator

ZLW-0660: Belt-driven actuator

  • 8mm Diameter Guide Rails
  • Max Radial Loads up to 150N

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ZLW-1040: Belt-driven actuator

  • 10mm Diameter Guide Rails
  • Max Radial Loads up to 300N

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ZLW-1080: Wide platform

ZLW-1080: Wide platform

  • 10mm guide rails with wider base, ideal for laterally mounted applications
  • Max Radial loads up to 300N

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ZLW-1660:  Belt-driven actuator

ZLW-1660: Belt-driven actuator

  • 16mm guide rails
  • Max radial loads up to 2,000N

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ZLW-20:  Aluminum or stainless steel actuators

ZLW-20: Aluminum or stainless steel actuators

  • 20mm guide shafts, with flexible width options
  • Max radial loads up to 3,000N

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ZAW 1040:  Cantilever axis

ZAW 1040: Cantilever axis

  • Low inertia as motor mounts to the carriage and tooling is mounted to the dynamic rail
  • Ideal for Z-axis on gantry sytems
  • Low-weight

Shop ZAW 1040: Cantilever axis
ZLW 0630-P:  Carbon-fiber, belt-driven actuator

ZLW 0630-P: Carbon-fiber, belt-driven actuator

  • Ultra low-weight
  • Non-magnetic
  • High rigidity

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Multi-Axis Gantry Robots

Multi-Axis Gantry Robots

  • X/Y and X/Y/Z configurations
  • From stock or easily customizable
  • Low-cost

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ZLW-0630-OD: Opposite-drive actuator

  • Based on 6mm outer dimension guide rail
  • Max radial load up to 75N

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ZLW-1040-OD: Opposite-drive actuator

  • Based on 10mm OD guide rail
  • Max radial load up to 150N

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ZLW-1660-OD: Opposite-drive actuator

  • Based on 16mm OD guide rail
  • Max radial load up to 1,000N

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ZLW 1040: Belt drive for extreme conditions

ZLW 1040: Specialist series

  • Special solutions for freezing temperatures, splash-water or underwater applications

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ZLW 1040-EX

ZLW 1040-EX - for EX applications

  • Fulfills EX requirements for use in hazardous areas
  • Includes grounding cable

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