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Resistant to Cold, Dirt & Vibration...

igus® motion plastics® for heavy duty machines

igus® Energy Chains guide cables and hoses though a variety of different movements on cranes, machine tools and heavy equipment. For applications in cold weather environments, we offer a wide range of heavy duty products that can stand up to these harsh conditions. igus® has provided solutions for many of these types of applications, from small micro chains on sensitive laboratory devices up to heavy duty long travel carriers for large mining equipment. We also conduct several thousand tests per year in our test laboratory to guarantee successful operation of our products under these cold weather conditions.

cold weather echain machine the largest lab of its kind, igus® Cologne

igus test lab

Costs down - service life up!

3,000 tests per year

igus® operates the largest test lab in our industry. On more than 18,840 sq. ft. of floorspace, we conduct the following each year:

Two billion test cycles for highly flexible cables

One million electrical measurements

15,000 tribology tests (friction and wear)

e-chain testing

Vibration test

Reason for the test:A customer had a problem with a steel cable carrier, since vibrations caused screws to loosen, causing the guide to become unstable. Test setup:A vertical igus® E4 e-chain® was exposed to direct vibration (comparable to a rock drilling machine). Result:No damage to the connections on the e-chain® links. No individual parts were lost.

Chainflex® test

Cold test

Reason for the test:To determine maximum service life of igus® chainflex® TPE cables at temperatures of -40°F (-40°C). Test setup:A CF35 TPE cable was moved in an e-chain® in the igus® climate container at a travel of 23 ft. (7 m) and a speed of 4.92 f/s (1.5 m/s) at -40°F (-40°C). Result:The test was ended after 3.7 million cycles. The cable exhibits little / no wear and is fully functional.

Application examples...Improve performance, cut costs

Coal excavator machine

Dirt, snow and ice at -13°F: igus® 4040RHD Rol e-chain® and chainflex® motion cables in a 591 ft coal excavator.

Mining Industry

Extreme conditions at -31°F: igus® 5050HD Rol e-chain® and chainflex® CF35 motion cables in a 1,805 ft mining application.

Heavy duty plastic bearings

Always at your service: Cost-efficient iglide® plastic bearings reduce susceptibility to dirt and humidity and guard against downtime in the long term.


E4-1 cable carrier

The E4-1 system combines all the benefits of its three predecessors in the E4 range.

Heavy duty cable carriers

For demanding applications.

readychains® - pre-assembled energy chain systems

Pre-assembled cable carrier systems

chainflex® cables - product overview

Inform, select and order online.

chainflex® motor cables

chainflex® motor cables

chainflex® control cables

chainflex® control cables are designed to have a low bend-radii and are ideal for use within moving cable carriers. Learn more.

chainflex® fiber-optic cables

chainflex® fiber-optic cables are tested for millions of cycles in our test lab. With a 36 month guarantee, these are designed to last and are built for flexing applications.

iglide® G300 - Material data

Material for iglide® G300 plastic bushings.

iglide® Q2 - Material data

iglide® Q2 materials table of general properties

iglide® Q - Material data