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Hybrid YE e-chain® cable carrier made of plastic and steel

The best mix of lightweight plastic and strong steel for an e-chain® that can easily handle long unsupported spans.


  • 50% less weight than a comparable steel chain
  • 50% more unsupported span than comparable plastic chain
  • Fast and easy to assemble with no special tools
  • Uses no screws, rivets or bolts
  • Corrosion-free, UV & chemical resistant
  • Wide range of interior separation and widths
  • Available as a ready-to-install system including cables, hoses and connectors

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Series YE.42

Series YE.42

Inner height hi: 42mm, Outer height ha: 76mm
Inner widths Bi: 50-400mm, Outer Ba: 68-418mm
Bend radii R: 100mm
Pitch: 67mm

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YE 56

Series YE.56

Inner height hi: 56mm, Outer height ha: 90
Inner widths Bi: 50-600mm, Outer Ba: 74-624mm
Bend radii R: 100mm
Pitch: 91mm

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YE 108

Series YE.108

Inner height hi: 108mm, Outer height ha: 146mm
Inner width Bi: 175-400mm, Outer Ba: 223-448mm
Bend radii R: 250mm
Pitch: 143mm

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Why choose hybrid e-chains vs. standard steel cable carriers?

Standard steel energy chains

Frequently observed problems with pure steel energy supply systems:

  • Heavier and more expensive than a plastic + steel e-chain®
  • Corrosion at the steel-to-steel joints impedes the smooth operation of the cable carrier
  • Deformation of the steel crossbars or side links leads to seizure or twisting of the cable carrier
  • Sharp steel edges can damage the cables and hoses
  • Screws, rivets, bolts and c-lips make assembly and service time consuming
  • Fasteners can vibrate loose

igus® YE.1 plastic-steel hybrid energy chains

Save weight and money:

  • 50% lighter than a steel cable carrier
  • Corrosion resistant plastic to metal joints prevent seizure of the e-chain® links
  • Plastic crossbars and interior separation do not permanently deform and can be replaced individually
  • Smooth plastic surfaces provide an abrasion free surface with the cables and hoses
  • Disassembly and service of the e-chain® is done with just an igus screwdriver
  • No screws, rivets, bolts, or c-clips connecting the e-chain®

Learn more about the components in YE.42

Outer links YE

Plastic outer side links provide weight reduction and quick assembly.

Side links YE

Steel inner side links provide increased strength and longer unsupported spans.

Weight YE

Ideal strength to weight ratio carrying heavy loads over a long span with compact dimensions and the lowest possible weight.

Crossbars YE

Multiple widths available from 50mm - 400mm inner width. Crossbars can be removed along the inner and outer radius.

Standard interior separation system YE

Standard interior separation available from the proven igus E4 modular system.

Steel mounting brackets

Steel mounting brackets with attachment points from top, bottom, or front.

Test: Unsupported span of the YE.42 series

In a side-by-side comparison at the igus test lab, the igus YE.42 plastic + steel series was evaluated against the igus E4.42 all plastic series. The two series were loaded with 2kg/m fill weight. The YE.42 provided an 87% longer unsupported span of 5.25 meters (17.23’) compared to the E4.42 of 2.8 meters (9.18’).

The YE.42 series was also 50% lighter than a comparable all steel cable carrier with a similar unsupported span.

YE test Comparison test: Unsupported length of the YE.42 and E4.42 series

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