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Hybrid YE e-chain® cable carrier made of plastic and steel

The hybrid energy chain YE is the best mix of lightweight plastic and tough steel that can easily handle high unsupported travels.

  • 50% less weight than a comparable steel chain
  • 50% more unsupported length than a comparable plastic e-chain®
  • Minimal installation work required
  • No screws, rivets or bolts to become loose under vibration
  • Plastic outer links with crossbar attachment for easy assembly of the e-chain® links
  • Easy movement through plastic pin connection
  • High tensile strength
  • High strength through undercut design for lock function at high loads
  • Wide range of interior separation elements
  • Fast delivery of different radii through a defined outer link
  • Available as ready-to-install system solution with cables, hoses and hydraulic components

Request YE.42 e-chain® with crossbars every 2nd link, open from both sides

Series YE.42  
Series YE.42

Inner height hi: 42mm
Inner widths Bi: 50mm - 400mm
Bend radii R: 100mm
Pitch: 30.5mm

Request YE.42 e-chain®

Why plastic-steel hybrid energy chains?

Standard steel energy chains in access platforms vs. igus YE hybrid energy chains
Standard steel energy chains

Frequently observed problems with pure steel energy supply systems:

  • Corrosion at the joints, resulting in stiffness of the entire energy supply
  • Deformation of the crossbars leading to seizure/twisting of the energy chain. Sharp edges can also damage the cables and hoses
  • Screws, bolts and circlips can be lost over time and make the whole system unstable
  • Heavy, because of the metal energy supply system 
  • Chain links of steel chains are non-openable and cannot be partially replaced

igus YE plastic-steel hybrid energy chains

The problem solution:

  • Plastic-metal joints prevent seizure of the e-chain® links through corrosion
  • Plastic crossbars do not permanently deform. In addition, they can be replaced individually in the event of a defect. Rounded crossbars protect the cables and hoses
  • No screws or rivets connecting the e-chains®
  • Up to 50% lighter hybrid e-chain®
  • e-chains® links are openable as required. If required, cables can be added or removed. igus® chainflex® cables for every application: whether high UV resistance or high/low temperatures. 36 months guarantee on all cables

Learn more about the components in YE.42

Outer links YE  

Plastic outer links - high tensile force absorption using plastic bolts. Plastic outer links provide 50% less weight, quick installation and smooth running

Side links YE  

Steel inner plates absorb the force of the fixed stop-dogs of the plastic outer plates and increase stability by 50%

Weight YE  

Strong and vibration-resistant - for heavy loads with compact dimensions and low weight. The advantage for access platforms is that each saved gram increases the potential payload

Crossbars YE  

Variable width: crossbars from the proven E4 modular system. Available from 50mm - 400mm inner width. Crossbars openable and removable along the inner and outer radius.

Standard interior separation system YE  

Standard interior separation from the proven E4 modular system available from stock

Steel mounting brackets  

Tough steel mounting brackets with attachment options from any side

YE rotation  

1. In the case of a 0° rotation: 2 metres with 10kg/m fill weight
2. In the case of a 60° rotation: 6 metres with 4kg/m fill weight
3. In the case of a 75° rotation: 7 metres with 4kg/m fill weight

The hybrid energy chain YE is the best mix of lightweight plastic and tough steel that can easily handle high unsupported travels. It was developed to meet the requirements of construction machinery and lifting equipment. The requirement was to implement the maximum possible unsupported length with compact dimensions and the lowest possible weight. However, steel energy chains have the disadvantages of high assembly costs and weight. The YE system combines the higher strength of steel elements with the low weight and flexibility of plastic components. Furthermore, no screws, rivets or bolts are used which can become loose under vibration.

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