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triflex® R for Multi-Axis
Robotic Cable Management

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Robot dress packs: flexible cable carriers & accessories for multi-axis robots

triflex® R is a multi-axis energy chain designed for use in a wide variety of robotic applications, and is an essential component of your robot dress pack. Compared to corrugated tubes & hoses, triflex® R cable management systems provide various benefits for moving applications, including:


  • Defined bend radius
  • Defined torsion stop
  • Easy to lengthen and shorten
  • Ball and socket link design
  • Multiple cavities reduce cable abrasion
  • Simple filling
  • Also available as a complete solution with chainflex® cables

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triflex product design features  

Select your triflex R system:

triflex® R - TRE

  • Easy fill – fast cable installation and removal
  • Reduces time to change cables by 75%
  • Two chambers for cable separation
  • Most common style

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triflex® R - TRCF

  • Closed design with snap-lock design for fast opening and cable installation
  • Three chambers for cable installation
  • Available with special bend radii for laser welding


triflex® R - TRC

  • Closed design to repel debris
  • Two chambers for cable separation


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triflex® R - TRLF

  • Snap-lock mechanism for fast opening
  • Economical option for less demanding applications
  • Not recommended for axis 3-6


triflex® R - TRL

  • Easy fill – fast cable installation and removal
  • Economical option for less demanding applications
  • Not recommended for axis 3-6

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triflex sample box  
triflex® R sample box

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Additional robot dress pack & triflex® R products

triflex® R Retraction Systems  
triflex® R retraction systems

Choose between pneumatic, fiber rod, linear and cost-effective triflex® R retraction systems to prevent loops and save space.

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standard mounting brackets  
triflex® R assemblies and accessories

Browse our available accessories, including fiber rod modules, protectors, heat shields and UR clips.

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Toolbox Resources


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Application examples

Pharmaceutical industry

In the manufacture of modern drugs, the utmost demands on quality are made in regard to microbial and particulate cleanliness. In this application, highly precise pick-and-place robots are used to clean, sterilize, fill and seal bottles through several procedures. 

Learn more about triflex R in the pharmaceutical industry


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