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2021 news - xiros® ball bearings

Sandblasted xiros® aluminium guide roller

Sandblasted xiros aluminium guide roller

#moregrip #filmlength #labeller
This special guide roller provides more grip than the successful existing version because of its sandblasted surface. Application areas: labelling and packaging industry, film deflection.

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xiros® stainless steel guide rollers with A500 ball bearings

Stainless steel xiros guide rollers with A500 polymer ball bearings

#hightemperature #FDA #chemicalresistance
This guide roller can be used in temperature ranges of up to 150°C and is extremely resistant to a number of chemicals. Individual components are also FDA compliant. Application areas: food industry, semiconductor technology.

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xiros® ball transfer unit with easy operation for higher loads

Easy-operation xiros ball transfer unit for heavier loads

#highload #lowrollingfriction
Our new ball transfer unit is made of polymer and based on existing metal ball transfer units. The special interior design allows our ball transfer units to operate much more smoothly. Application areas: conveyor tables, material handling.

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xiros® guide roller made of carbon

xiros carbon guide roller

#antistatic #lightweight
We are adding a new size (Ø30mm) to our carbon guide roller range. The F180 ball bearing used makes the carbon roller electrostatically dissipative and, amongst other things, ensures low static film charge for especially thin film lengths.

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New xirodur® cages from igus®

News from the test laboratory

Successful tests with iglidur cage materials

iglidur cage materials contain enhanced additives that improve stability and sliding properties. This results in longer service life and less downtime.

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xirodur® K180 material

New xirodur K180 material

No outgassing in vacuum

The xirodur material range has grown. The new material is called K180. It is extremely durable and especially well-suited to autoclaving and coating applications.

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xiros® guide roller made of stainless steel

xiros guide roller made of stainless steel

#worldfirst #FDA #cost-effective
Our stainless-steel guide roller is fitted with FDA-compliant components and can be used in the food and medical sectors, amongst others.

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Metal-free xiros® guide roller made of plastic (PVC)

Metal-free xiros guide roller made of PVC polymer

#metall-free #glassballs #ready-to-install
This completely metal-free, ready-to-install guide roller is ideal for users in the chemical, medical and semiconductor industries.

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