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igumid® P190-PF, 3D print filament

  • Extremely robust and rigid with carbon fibre reinforcement
  • Suitable for structural components and multi-material components
  • Flexural strength up to 237 MPa, flexural modulus of elasticity of up to 11.5 GPa, improved strength in z-direction
  • Ideal for lightweight construction: low density of 1.25g/cm³
  • Reduced material requirements due to high strength and high stiffness
  • Also available in 2K 3D printing service from 5 days
Product description
High-strength filament for structural components or as a material partner for multi-material components

igumid P190 is an extremely strong and stiff 3D printed filament due to the reinforcement with carbon fibre. It was specially developed as a partner material for iglidur i190-PF for the production of very strong and at the same time friction-optimised components in multi-material printing. Furthermore, it can be used for printing stable structural components. Thanks to the high strength and high rigidity, igumid P190 is ideal for lightweight construction with low material requirements. 

igumid P190 can be purchased as filament for processing with your own printer or ordered at Online 3D printing service via STEP file as a stand-alone component or as a 2K component in combination with iglidur i190.Because of the abrasive fibres, the used printer to process the filament should have a wear-resistant (for example hardened) nozzle and extruder pinion. The Bonding agent for tribofilaments can be used for better adhesion to the printing plate. The filament is very sensitive to moisture and should be stored in a drying container and actively dried regularly.

When to use it?
  • For structural components where high strength and stiffness are required
  • For special mounting brackets for energy chains
  • As a multi-material partner with iglidur i190, for the combination of a high-strength material (igumid P190) and a particularly durable plastic (iglidur i190)
When not to use it?
Further information on the use of igumid P190 can be found on the Multi-material 3D printing website. You will also find a Design instructions for multi-material print in our blog.
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