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Stepper Motors, DC Motors & EC/BLDC

  • Easy pairing with drylin actuators
  • Cost-effective
  • Quiet operation
  • Waterproof options available (IP68)

Configure a Custom Design with a Motor

Linear Actuator Configurator

Linear Actuator Configurator

Screw-Driven Configurator

Screw-driven Configurator

Lead Screw with Motors Expert

Lead Screw Assemblies with Motors Expert

Browse stepper (NEMA), DC, EC/BLDC motors & more!

Stepper Motors

stepper motors
  • Motors with metric connector or stranded wires
  • With encoder and brake for extra safety
  • Increased anti-rotation, machined flat motor shaft

Direct-Current Motors

Direct-current motors
  • Also available with protective housing
  • Torque 0.1-1.8 Nm, speed up to 440rpm
  • Increased anti-rotation, machined flat motor shaft

EC/BLDC Motors

EC motors
  • With hall and encoder
  • Installation sizes NEMA: 17, 23, 23XL and 34
  • Virtually wear-free for very high speeds

Spindle Motors

spindle motors
  • Stepper motor actuators
  • High-helix & trapezoidal lead screws & nuts
  • Motor drives available

Linear Actuators

Linear Actuators
  • ​Belt-Driven Actuators
  • Lead Screw Actuators with Rails
  • Lead Screw-Driven Actuator with Shafts​

Motor Controllers & Accessories

EC and BLDC motors
  • Motor controllers, motor flanges, couplings
  • Initiators and proximity reference switches
  • External braking resistors

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Stepper: 24-48V
    BLDC/EC: 48V
    DC: 24V

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