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NEW! Bearings design guide

iglide T500 plastic bearing

Why plastic bearings outperform metal

Plastic bearings cost and weigh less than their metal counterparts. And they often run longer in harsh environments and under adverse conditions.

Plain bearings molded of plastic are often an economical replacement for needle, ball, and plain metal bearings. To a certain extent, though, plastic bearings face an uphill battle for respect among the engineering community.

One reason is the erroneous mind-set among some engineers that plastic is inferior to metal. Others cling to the notion that high-priced engineered polymers are a must for plastic bearings. The fact is, low-cost materials with excellent strength and thermal properties let inexpensive plastic bearings outperform their metal counterparts in many rotary, oscillating, and linear-motion applications. For example, self-lubricating plastic bushings routinely deliver a longer service life than oil impregnated sintered bronze bearings, with cost savings up to 40%. And today, plastic plain bearings are available off-the-shelf in many designs, sizes, materials, and even colors to meet wide-ranging performance demands.

Download the entire design guide below.

download the Basics of plastics bearings guide