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Miniature cable carriers for confined installation spaces

lightweight cable carrier  
E2 micro
For restricted spaces

Small pitch, quiet operation. Lightweight with cable-friendly interior.

E2 mini cable carrier on machine tool  
E2 mini
Interior separation available

Small pitch, quiet operation. Optimized weight/stability ratio. Several different interior separation options available.

cable carriers half enclosed tube  
Two-piece energy chain -
The E2 standard

Standard e-chain®, medium sizes, 21 to 45 mm inner heights. Snap-open along two sides, lightning fast installation. Many-sided modular interior separations

Low-cost and quick-fill cable carriers

E-Z Chain cable carrier  
E-Z Chain®
Easy insertion of cables

Flexible opening to allow cables and hoses to be quickly and easily installed or retrofitted.

E1 System  
E1 System
energy chain in one strip

Modular, one-piece band for simple applications. Cost-effective solution for large numbers.

cable carrier zipper chain  
Zipper chain
Un-zip to open

Open and close at lightening speed using the special design "Zipper".

Cost-effective and easy-to-fill e-chain®

Quickly mount cable packets in bundles. Low-priced alternative to complex cable shears.

Energy Tubes to protect cables from chips, dirt, and debris

E2 R100  
E2 R100
Energy Tubes

Lids snap open on one side and on the inner or outer radius. Many different interior separator options available.

E2 R  
E2 R
Energy Tubes

Removable lids. Many different interior separation options available.

e-tubes - low cost chip protection

Lids snap open along outer radius from both sides.

reverse bend radius cable carriers  
RX tubes
Most chip-resistant design

Smooth, rounded contours, plenty of interior space. Reverse bend radius (RBR) available.

The standard cable carrier for almost every application

All the benefits of the entire E4 range

With igus® E4-1 cable carriers, the service life of your application can be increased and costs significantly reduced.

Highly dynamic energy chain

High stability and easy access due to snap-open crossbars. Inner heights 38 to 48 mm. Low weight facilitates higher dynamics

Lowest noise in its class

Open and enclosed versions can be snapped open along both the inner and outer radius. Wide range of accessories available.

side mount cable carriers  
Long & side-mounted travels

Open and enclosed versions snap open on both sides. Suitable for unsupported, side-mounted applications and long travels.


Smaller side links and thinner crossbars. Cost effective design. Offers a large interior space for multiple cables and hoses.

Low noise, low-abrasion, vibration-free energy chains

T3 System  
T3 System
Highly flexible, low-vibration energy chain "on strip"

Extremely low noise operation up to 33 dB(A). Inner height 29mm, low-vibration, very light. For highly dynamic applications; suitable for clean-rooms.

E3 system  
E3 system
Extremely low-noise, for the smallest installation spaces

Extremely low noise operation up to 38 dB(A). Inner heights from 10 to 15 mm. Low-vibration, wear-resistant. For highly dynamic applications; suitable for clean-rooms.

System E6  
System E6
Low noise

Extremely low noise operation down to just 37 dB(A). Minimal vibrations. High speeds and accelerations possible. Also available as an Energy Tube.

E6-1 System  
E6-1 System
Light version

Series E6-1 combines all benefits of Series E6, such as its ruggedness and cleanroom-compatibility, at lower weight and even quieter operation and higher maximum speeds.

triflex® for 3D and circular movements, especially for robotics

Triflex R cable carrier  
triflex® R
3D e-chain® especially for robotic applications

Three energy chain options: enclosed, easily fillable, or as light version. First choice for multi-axis industrial robots.

multidimensional cable carrier  
E-Z triflex®
e-chains® for 2D and 3D movements

Closed or easily fillable. Modular system for complex movement. Chain links moving in a combination of one, two or three axes possible.

Triflex enclosed cable carrier  
For 2D and 3D movements - closed

Enclosed or easily fillable. Modular system for complex movement. Chain links moving in a combination of one, two or three axes possible.

twisterchain new generation  
twisterchain new
For circular or spiral movements

New generation energy chains for circular movements up to 540º and more. Higher stability and more additional load possible.

TwisterChain cable carriers  
For circular or spiral movements

energy chains for circular movements up to 540º. Quick cable replacement. Modular design - variable widths.

rotary movement cable carrier  
Rotary movements up to 7000º

twisterband: new sizes. Rotary movements up to 7000° and more. Compact, modular and cost-effective.

twisterband HD  
twisterband HD
Stable pin/hook connection

twisterband HD: stable pin/hook connection for high load and long service life.

Solutions for long travels - with or without guide troughs

Rol E-Chain cable carriers  
rol e-chain® Series
Rolls instead of gliding, energy-effiicient

Travels up to 2,700 ft and speeds up to 20 ft/s possible. Reduces required drive power to less than 25%. Can be used in harsh, dirty environments.

P4 system  
P4 system
Roller chain profile, energy efficient

Quiet, abrasion-resistant, maintenance-free energy chain. For long travels of 1,969 ft and more, very high fill weights and speeds.

self aligning cable carriers  
autoglide series
Special solutions for long travels

Combination of autoglide and energy chains. E-Z Chain®, E2/000 and E4-1 systems.

AX e-chains® series  
AX e-chains® series
Special e-chains® for applications in fine dust

Exterior stop dogs prevent the accumulation of dust. All existing widths can be combined.

basic flizz  
Basic Flizz®
Protection against weather and dirt exposure

Cost-effective and fully enclosed complete solution, e.g. waste water treatment plants.

small cable carriers  
Micro Flizz® system
Safe guidance of energy, data and air

Compact, cost-saving energy chain. Compact, complete system for the safe guidance of energy, data and air.

Horizontal Guidelok system  
Guidelok horizontal
Guidance system for long travel distances up to 164 ft, unsupported

Unhindered travel: metal chips cannot become stuck between the gliding surfaces of the lower and upper runs of the energy chain causing damage.

Guidelok Slimline  
Guidelok Slimline
Made of plastic or steel

Safe vertical guidance for e-chains® in high-speed rack feeders.

Very short installation times

Guidefast guide troughs are mounted on the side. Simple installation through a small number of different components.

Prevention of static charges

Snap-open energy chains with mounting brackets and interior separation in ESD version available from stock.

Multi-energy drum

The alternative to the cable drum - cable-friendly and guides various media safely


Magnetic magsnap opening crossbars – save space run without trough.

Vertical applications up to 42.7 feet

Alternative to Zig-Zag solution - Lighter and smaller installation space.

Floating moving end

Compensation of parallel errors at long travels.

Push Pull Force Detection System

Push/Pull force calculation as safety standard.

offshore e-chain  
Offshore e-chain®
Energy feed to the ocean floor

Heavy-Duty underwater energy supply.

RTG-extension - e-rover
Automatic coupling of e-chains®

igus® e-rover extension for E-RTGs

Assembly Tools  
Assembly Tools
For "frequent users"

Simple tool - great benefits: assembly tools for "frequent users".

"Classic" series
And igus® special solutions

Older energy chains are also available on a continuing basis. For new constructions, we recommend the corresponding new identical e-chains®.

Corrugated hoses and hose guide solutions

Innovative energy supply system

The igus® e-skin is a snap-open tube, which is composed of two parts.

Dynamically reinforcing corrugated tubes

The reinforcement for existing corrugated tube systems - e-rib

PMA hoses  
PMA protective hoses
Diverse selection of tubes and accessories

For the protection of flexible, electrical cables.

Series CRC-255  
Series CRC-255
The igus® CRC clearoom chain

Inner height hi: 24 mm
Inner width Bi: 38 - 103 mm
Bend radii R: 150 - 250 mm
Pitch: 27.8 mm


Guide trough systems for energy chains®  
Guide trough systems for energy chains
Long travel, gliding

From the light and all-purpose "Super-Aluminum guide trough" up to the simple and cost-effective insert trough.

Rotary system  
Rotary system
For fast rotating applications

Integrated strain relief and cable guide trough. Maximum angle of rotation 600º

secure cables and hoses  
Strain relief
Secure cables and hoses

Chainfix clamps, tiewrap clamps, strain relief blocks for hoses, and quick-install clips.

Chainflex cables  
Continuous-flex cables

Especially designed for use with cable carriers. Tested up to 30 million cycles.

e-chain® designed according to hygienic design principles

FDA-compliant and with absolutely no friction - no material rubbing against material
TH3 system

Inner height 25,5mm. Low vibration and very lightweight. For highly dynamic applications; according to hygienic design principles.

e-chain® cable carrier online tools

e-chain® Product Finder

e-chain product finder  

Simply enter your required dimensions and quickly find the appropriate cable carrier for your application.

Use the Product Finder

e-chain® System Configurator

e-chain system configurator  

The system configurator allows you to build the exact model for your needs. Select chainflex® cables to be used in the e-chain®, specific dimensions, types of movement, environment, interior separation and strain relief to create the ideal system.

Use the System Configurator

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