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Plastic e-chain® cable carriers reduce downtime & increase service life of cables

e-chain systems® are referred to as the lifeline of modern machinery. These durable cable carriers ensure a safe supply of energy and data while under constant motion. They can be made with different materials, such as steel or plastic, but metal carriers may require regular maintenance, which, depending on the location and application, can be time consuming, costly and dangerous. Additionally, growing concern over the weight of machine components has sparked an increase in the use of lighter-weight plastic cable carriers.

Tech up, Cost Down

igus® also offers a 36 month guarantee in regards to the service life of all e-chain® cable carriers.  They can do so because of the rigorous tests performed in their 41,000 square foot test laboratory at the company headquarters in Cologne, Germany.

Upgrade your current cable carriers by switching to igus®.  By switching to e-chain® cable carriers, customers can reduce costs by 26%, and installation time by 88%.  In addtion to these benefits, igus® products offer fast shipping times within 24hrsonline service-life calculators and tools for nearly all product lines, and tested reliability.

Small energy

E2 micro

Inner heights: 5 – 32mm

Medium energy

E2.1, E2/000

Inner heights: 21 – 48mm

Large energy


Inner heights: 21 – 350mm

Multi-axis carriers
for robotics

Special energy chain solutions

Inner diameter: 12 – 46.8mm

Protection against
dirt and chips

Protection against dirt and chips

Inner heights: 21 – 75mm

Smooth running,

Smooth running, cleanroom

Inner heights: 10 – 80mm

Long travels
and heavy duty

Long travels and heavy duty

Inner heights: 32 – 80mm

Simple, static

simple, static applications

Inner heights: 9 – 47mm

3D movements,

3D movements, non-robotics

Inner heights: 13 – 75mm

Circular, rotary or
spiral movements
up to 7000°

Energy chains for circular and spiral movements

Inner heights: 9 – 56mm

Corrugated tube
and corrugated
tube accessories

Corrugated tube and corrugated tube accessories

Corrugated tube: 28–40mm



Troughs, strain relief elements, PMA hoses

e-chain® System Configurator

e-chain System Configurator

The system configurator for e-chains® allows you to build the exact model for your needs. Select chainflex® cables to be used in the e-chain®, specific dimensions, types of movement, environment, interior separation and strain relief to create the ideal system. A parts lists and option to send the final product right to your cart is also available.

Use the System Configurator

e-chain® solutions for all requirements


Hygienic design principles –  with absolutely no friction – no material rubbing against material.

Predictive maintenance

Specifically for robot applications.

Vertical movements

Modular and flexible design solutions are often superior to busbar systems and festoons.


Avoidance of static charges during the manufacturing process for electronic assemblies.

Cable drum alternative

Move energy, data, oils, signals, air and light in all directions of the compass, maintenance-free.

Special applications

Energy chains for all special applications.

Optimize the service life of your cable carrier system

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Proper installation is essential for the life of your cable carrier, and igus® has a team of dedicated engineers ready to assist you every step of the way. From site inspection, to installation, to complete modernization, our Orange Services team will ensure the longest possible service life for your e-chain® cable carrier system.

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