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Automotive bearings from iglide®: maintenance-free & trusted for high-performance

Statistics show that the average U.S. driver travels approximately 220 miles each week, almost 12,000 miles per year.  In order to experience mobility in a comfortable and cost-efficient manner, the components of a vehicle are expected to run quietly, without vibration, consume as little fuel as possible and require as little maintenance as possible.  iglide® automotive bearings are not only 80% lighter than their metal counterparts, but they are designed to be vibration damping and suitable for electrophoretic painting processes (e-coating), dry-running (no external lubricant required) and have proven to be unaffected by aqueous or acidic corrosion. 

igus® offers a wide variety of iglide® standard automotive bearings from stock, but also offers various custom solutions.  Prototypes are typically produced from polymer bar stock, a 3D-printed mold, made of either plastics or aluminum, or standard hardened steel tools.  3D laser-sintered (SLS) parts are also available.  Depending on the material, these parts show up to 50 times less wear and facilitate as many movements as their injection-molded counterparts.  For more information, please see the following igus® custom services:  custom parts service, custom injection molding, , machined parts.  Learn more about the top 5 reasons to use plastic bearings in automobiles below.

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iglide® clip bearings

iglide® clip-on  

  • Vibration damping
  • Suitable for e-coating and tolerance compensation
  • Used in seat adjustments and convertible tops
  • Used in linkage joints and in sheet metal applications

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iglide® H4

iglide® H4  

  • unaffected by oils and fuels
  • resistant to aqueous and acidic agents
  • performs well in transmission applications
  • low cost, continuous operation up to 392°F (200°C)

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iglide® JVFM

iglide® JVFM  

  • used in pedal box
  • available from stock
  • rattle-free due to preload
  • dry-operating (self-lubricating)


Interior onboard applications for iglide® automotive bearings

iglide® bearings in seat adjustments  
Convenient seat adjustments

Electrophoretic painting processes (e-coating) require high temperatures for curing (up to 320°F or 160°C) resulting in thermal recalibration by which the bearing material (if necessary, electrically conductive) aligns with its surrounding components, also referred to as .

iglide® plain bearings in linkage joints  
Corrosion-resistant linkage joints

Self-lubricating polymer bearings are used in car door hinges and linkage joints, as they are corrosion-resistant and guarantee quiet (non-squeaking) long-term operation.

iglide® bearings in the pedal box  
Vibration mitigation materials for the pedal box

High-performance polymers provide smooth and quiet operation. Tighter clearances in bearings are achieved with radial and axial preload.  They also tolerate cantilever loads well and offer high static load capacity.

Exterior onboard applications for iglide® automotive bearings

iglide® bearings in the chassis  
Suspension applications

Various bearings in chassis applications can be replaced with iglide® or igubal® products. These provide good damping properties as well as resistance to moment-induced loading and wear.

iglide® bearings in brake calliper bearings  
Brake caliper applications

iglide® bearings provide resistance to media, high loads and wear at reduced cost.

iglide® thrust washers in mirror adjustment  
Mirror applications

Low static friction allows for easy mirror adjustment and quiet operation.

Engine compartment applications for iglide® automotive bearings

iglidur® bearings in a belt tensioner  
Belt tensioner applications

Bearings tolerate high-frequency oscillating movement at high temperatures.

iglide® in the throttle valve  
Throttle and valve applications

iglide® bearings withstand operation under high temperatures up to 392°F (200°C), running up to 10 million cycles.

iglide® bearings in gear  
Transmissions applications

iglide® bearings are vibration damping, resistant to contact corrosion and unaffected by media such as transmission oils. 

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iglide automotive sample box  

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