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iglide® clip bearings

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iglide® clip bearings are designed with a flange on both sides for secure positioning while still allowing shafts to rotate freely when being run through sheet metal plates. The flange diameter on the smaller side ensures that housings with larger tolerances can be secured. The angled slit on the side of each clip bearing provides simple installation from one side, and allows the bearing to open after installation, forming a lining for the bore hole within the metal plate. Additionally, the angled slit provides ample room to compensate for bearing expansion due to temperature or moisture. During expansion, the slit width decreases and changes to minimize bearing clearance. The shaft then secures the clip bearing within the housing, even during axial movement. All of our iglide® clip bearing materials are rigorously tested within our 41,000 square foot test laboratory to ensure long service life and efficient operation.

iglide MCM

iglide® MCM

  • Designed specifically for fitting shafts through sheet metal.
  • Bearings have flanges located on both ends.
  • The bearings are secured in the sheet metal plate on both sides after fitting.

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iglide MYM

iglide MYM

  • Low bearing clearance
  • Very precise
  • Easily assembled via incorporated slot 
  • Material: iglide® M250,
  • Maintenance-free and predictable service life

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iglide MYM-K

iglide MYM-K

  • Low bearing clearance 
  • Very precise
  • Easily assembled via incorporated slot
  • Material: iglide® M250 
  • Maintenance-free and predictable service life

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iglide MDM

iglide MDM

  • Clip-in double flange bearing with symmetrical flange
  • Large second flange lets the bearing absorb higher axial forces
  • Secures axially even in the event of loosely toleranced mounts

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iglide snap on bearings

iglide clips double flange bearing

  • Compensation of axial clearance
  • Loss secure pre-assembly possible
  • Electrically conductive materials are optionally available
  • Pressure-resistant materials until 11603 psi

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iglide K230CM

iglide K230CM

  • Low moisture absorption
  • High temperature resistance
  • High chemical resistance
  • Corrosion-resistant

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iglide service life calculator

iglide® bearing service life calculator

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iglide sample box

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