igus® solutions for Cantilever and Drill Floor Skids

The requirements for the so-called "cantilever skids" are enormous. Due to the large hose and cable pack, high fill weights must be moved in the energy chain. In addition to this, the harsh environmental conditions on offshore platforms and ships that attack the material and, for example, lead to corrosion. Especially under such extreme conditions, the plastic energy chain of igus® are better for corrosion resistance and low weight, and are more reliable than steel chains or festoon systems.
As is made for this application, e.g. the largest energy chain on the market, the E4-350 has an inner height of 350 mm and a possible fill weight of 437 lbs/ft. In addition, igus® offers a wide range of offshore-compatible e-chain® for "skidding applications", all of which are characterized by freedom from maintenance, corrosion, external lubrication or low weight, and offers advantages over steel chains and festoon systems.
Here igus® offers turnkey solutions for the offshore market, including engineering, project management as well as assembly and approval on site (also offshore), which are characterized by high quality and on-time delivery. Everything according to the motto: steel chain belongs to yesterday and today belongs to "motion plastics®".

Cantilever Skids

The E4-350 series energy chain for the skid of a modular offshore drilling rig.
Jack Up Skids

Jack Up Skids

Reverse multi-band energy chains for the skidding module of a jack up platform.

Drill Floor Skids

Space-saving, thanks to overlapping energy chains of the offshore series 600 on the cantilever skid.

Engineering projects

Engineering and cable management services offered

igus® engineering service

We offer tailored solutions for challenging applications worldwide.