Digitalization and automation with smart plastics from igus®

The energy industry is facing rapid change and complex challenges. Digitalization, automation, and analytics are offering unique solutions and creating new Industry 4.0 standards.

igus® has developed smart plastics and other innovative products to facilitate this modernization in both renewable and non-renewable industries. Additional solutions include isense monitoring technology, energy chains that reduce air pollution, fiber optic technology, ROL e-chains® and more.
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igus® energy solutions

Wind energy

Wind Power

igus® offers weather-resistant and space-saving components for wind turbines, such as RBR rotary modules, twistable cables, and compact e-chains®.
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solar technology

Solar Power

Solutions for solar applications include cable carriers with defined torsion stop dog and minimum bend radii, as well as torsion-resistant cables.
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hydro power

Hydro Power

Tidal turbines are enhanced with e-chains® for seawater resistance, extreme temperature resistance and long travel distances.
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Coal power

Coal Power

Coal facilities are at an advantage with smart plastics. The isense monitoring modules predict when maintenance will be necessary – especially beneficial for stacker reclaimers.
Nuclear power

Nuclear Power

e-chain® cable carriers are ideal for zigzag applications in nuclear power plants. They are durable enough to withstand heavy-duty environments and provide extended service life.
Gas power

Gas Power

e-chains® are 100% corrosion-resistant, lightweight and resistant to heavy loads. They are nearly impossible to break down, so they operate reliably in rig conditions.
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