Plastic, maintenance-free solutions for the material handling industry

igus® offers innovative e-chain® cable carriers and drylin® linear guides for shelving systems used for pallet storage and retrieval machines, highly dynamic automatic mini-load system (MLS), or mini-loads and multi-shuttle systems.  For each type of shelving system, we can put together the right system from our huge modular kit.  For other machinery and equipment for intralogistics, such as industrial trucks, lift tables and palletizers, we can find the perfect solution consisting of cable carriers, highly flexible  chainflex® cables and a variety of maintenance-free and self-lubricating iglide® plastic plain bearings.  igus products® have various applications to facilitate material flow and intralogistics, which provide specific solutions for a smooth operation in your warehouse.

Our cable carriers are used in pallet storage and retrieval units (SRUs), dynamic automated small parts stores or multishuttle systems.  They're also used in industrial vehicles, driverless transport systems (DTSs), lifting tables and palletizers, we will find the best possible solution from cable carriers, cables and plastic bearings.

material handling

SRU & shuttles

Space-saving, durable energy supply systems for storage and retrieval units, shuttle systems and transfer trolleys

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Self-lubricating and maintenance-free plain and linear bearings for forklifts, automated transport systems etc.

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lifting tables

Lifting tables

Highly resilient polymer bearings for cylindrical and scissor joints of lifting tables

conveyor technology

Conveyor technology

Maintenance-free components for hanging systems, roller conveyors, roller ball tables and other conveyor systems

Palletizing "XXL" Gantry

The new igus® XXL Gantry is a large DIY, 3-axis linear cartesian robot that has an action radius of 2,000 x 2,000 x 1,500 millimeters and is particularly suitable for palletizing applications of up to 10 kilograms.

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XXL Gantry

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autoglide 5

autoglide 5 Horizontal travels set up quickly
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Hybrid cables suitable for SEW MOVILINK DDI



Easy vertical energy supply with minimal effort