igus® solutions in pipe handling equipment for drilling vessels

Common applications for energy chain in offshore pipe handling systems are long horizontal and vertical travels for guiding the drill rod, for example from the fingerboard to the top drive. Thereby the energy chain are exposed to the external environmental influences as well as the harsh conditions on the drilling platform. Plastic energy chains can play their full strength right here and score points against steel chains in terms of deadweight and corrosion resistance, as well as the cable-friendly interior separation in the energy chain.
Even large fill weights, for example due to hydraulic cables in the energy chain, can be easily managed by the use of multi-bands. Special separators secure the plastic energy chain against the dropping of loose objects. The plastic inner surfaces of the energy chain are, in comparison to steel energy chain, very friendly to cables and ensure an ideal, maintenance-free and reliable system.
The engineering team experienced in offshore operations takes care of the correct design of the energy chains as well as the easy connection to the customer system, even for turnkey complete systems. Through the use of NEK 606 and DNV GL-certified chainflex® cables, which are specifically made for the dynamic applications in the energy chain, downtime and maintenance can be reduced.

Automated pipe handling systems

Rotary systems and long horizontal and vertical travels with E4-1 series e-chain®
Pipe racker systems

Pipe racker systems

Horizontal travels with heavy-duty offshore e-chain® on pipe racking systems at the drilling rig.
Pipe handling equipment

Pipe handling equipment

Complete pipe handling equipment on the drilling tower equipped with e-chain® of the series E4-1.

Deep drilling rig

Pipe handling systems on a land rig with energy chains of the series E4-1.

Engineering services

Engineering and cable management services offered

igus® engineering service

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