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Tribo-optimized polymers for machines

Installation-friendly igus® systems for movements in machinery

Save costs with the latest technology with maintenance-free energy supply systems and plain bearings

High loads, precision and high temperatures are catchwords in the energy supply systems of machines for the processing of plastics. Plastic energy chains guide and protect the cables and hoses in blown film lines, injection molding machines or extruders. Plastic e-chains® make use of their advantages even in difficult fillings:

High additional loads possible

Application in high temperatures

Circular movements

Pivoting motions

Space saving

Use in dust, powder deposits and moisture

manufacturing equipment


E2/000 general purpose e-chains®


chainflex® -cables from stock


A chain for all applications - System E4-1


Self-lubricating drylin® linear systems

Customer testimonials

"We have essentially less work with the e-chain" (Mr. Ortmann, Kuhne Anlagenbau GmbH)

The company Kuhne GmbH designs and manufactures machine components in accurate detail in its own factory. In the blown film line, readychain® systems from igus® provide for a precise energy supply in a turning application (Ø 4.50 m).

energy chains in operation at the company Kuhne: Interview with Mr. Ortmann about the application of igus® products in a blown film line. (German)

Current News for machines

… also round shaft clamping

New and unique linear housing with integrated manual clamp is available for drylin® R round shaft guides.

… longer service life also in INCH

With up to 8 times longer service life on steel shafts films, the liners made of the dry-tech® material iglidur®E7 are remarkable in practical use.

drylin® curved linear guides

drylin® curved linear guides

UL-verified 36 month guarantee

UL-verified 36 month guarantee

More products for use in machinery

E4/light - overview

E4 Light for unsupported, short-travel applications and vertical travels.

E3 system - overview

Extremely low noise for the smallest installation spaces


Two-piece - The E2 standard

Zipper - overview

"Zip-open," quick installation

triflex® R Robot Dress Packs

Flexible cable carriers & accessories for industrial robots

System E6 - overview

System E6 cable carriers are extremely quiet and offer a long life cycle.

RX tubes overview

E-Tube with chip-repellent design

twisterchain - overview

For circular or spiral movements

Overview twisterband

Compact, modular, economical

Overview Micro flizz®

Safe guidance of energy, data and air

chainflex® cables

chainflex® cables

readychains® - pre-assembled energy chain systems

Pre-assembled cable carrier systems

DryLin® R product overview

Liners, linear bearings, housings, shafts and accessories...

drylin® W hybrid roller bearing

drylin® W hybrid roller bearing in 2 new sizes ensure low driving forces - mainly required for manual adjustments - by a combination of gliding and rolling.

Plain plastic bearings

iglide® Plain Bearings Made From Self-Lubricating Plastic

More information

Application examples

Injection moulding tool

Theenergy chain was installed on an injection moulding tool so thatno additional space is necessary in horizontal direction forthe unreeling movement.

Bag forming, filling and sealing machine

The crimpers in hose packaging machines often reach temperatures of 320°F and above in continuous operation.

iglide® blown film line

Decrease costs with these maintenance-free bushings

Measuring system for extruder

Measuring and regulating system in the area of blown film extrusion

Pillar cleaning facility

Pillar cleaning facility for plastic injection molding machines

Bag forming, filling and sealing machine

Maintenance-free plastic bearing defy all outer influences and provides for the required service life.

Removal system

Short and fast lifting movements in a removal system. Accelerations of 8XG are no problem.

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