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E3 e-chain® system: 3-piece cable carrier for low-noise operation within small spaces

Three-piece e-chain® with many new ideas - the igus® system E3 combines small pitch, silent operation, low noise, stability, simple installation and cost efficiency. The resilient element replaces the pin-bore system as connector and prevents relative movements between the joints. For this reason, a complete freedom from wear is attained (clean room). In order to reduce the manufacturing and assembly costs, the spring clip is mounted not individually, but at a length of 10 chain links.

E3 An elastic band links crossbars and separators and speeds up the installation
E3 Separators on the band for the partitioning of the chain cross-section. Five separators in one band are simultaneously mounted on the crossbars
E3 The universal strain relief can be individually adapted in the chain width. The optional fixing bracket fastens the e-chain® to the fixed end if required

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Inner height hi: 10 mm
Inner widths Bi: 20 - 60 mm
bending radii R: 15 - 48 mm
Pitch: 16,7 mm


Inner height hi: 15 mm
Inner widths Bi: 20 - 60 mm
bending radii R: 32 - 75 mm
Pitch: 16,7 mm


Inner height hi: 22 mm
Inner widths Bi: 20 - 60 mm
bending radii R: 44 - 75 mm
Pitch: 16,7 mm

E3: System for highly dynamic applications

The cycle times are always shorter in the automation, whereas the requirements in noise reduction, service life, vibration dampening are always higher. For this wide area of small e-chain®, igus® now introduces the E3 system product range that completely caters to these requirements:

Extremely low noise operation (max. 38 dB(A)).

The resilient element replaces pins and bores as fastener

Modular chain made of three elements

Cost-efficient crossbar and separator "on the band"

Quicker and easier access to cables by the zipper system

Good stability through stable, interlocked links

Easy to shorten or lengthen

Ideal for flat cables

Accessories: Separators, integrated strain reliefs, mounting brackets

Typical industrial sectors and applications

Production and processing of semiconductors


Automatic insertion machines

Materials handling technology

Measuring technology

Printer and plotter

Clean room application

General mechanical engineering

E3 figure

iF -Design Award 2005

IPA classification - Report IG0704-400:: ISO Class 1, according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1 for system E3, Series E3. at v = 0,5 m/s, 1 m/s, 2 m/s

e-chain® selection aids

You can find the right e-chain® quickly by entering concrete parameters and with the aid of a comparison table.

Installation instructions

Opening and closing of the e-chain®. Interior separation and strain reliefs.

Application examples

Applications in various industrial sectors and in the igus® test laboratory.