igus® solutions for top drive systems

Dynamic fill weights through factors such as vibrations and environmental influences are major challenges for energy chain systems and service loops on drilling rigs and especially for top drive systems (also called turning power heads). Thereby the "heavy duty" energy chain from igus®, offers many benefits in extreme conditions on a drilling rig compared to steel chains and service loops, are particularly suitable for the energy supply of turning power heads.
The plastic energy chains are valued for their corrosion resistance and low weight of the e-chain® compared to a steel energy chain. In addition, the structured interior separation offers clear advantages in terms of service life and freedom from maintenance compared to a conventional service loop system. The locking separators, specifically designed for the application, ensure that the crossbars are securely held and dropping of objects are prevented.
Pre-assembled energy chain systems (readychain® systems) with igus® chainflex® cables offer ready-to-connect solutions and save time in installation and commissioning of drilling rigs and top drive systems on site. The chainflex® cables are specifically designed for use in energy chain and have a guaranteed service life of up to 10 million double strokes. The igus® engineering team gives support, inter alia, in the connection of the energy chain systems to the top drive and design turnkey solutions for a safe and reliable system.

Rack & pinion top drives

igus® energy supply on rack and pinion lifting equipment for top drive systems.

Top drive systems

energy chains guide the cable pack at the top drive of a land rig, even in explosive environments.

Multi purpose tower (MPT)

Long vertical travels for top drive system at the MPT on offshore drilling vessels.

Engineering projects

Engineering and cable management services offered

igus® engineering service

We offer tailored solutions for challenging applications worldwide.