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Avoid wrist loops on industrial robots with an intelligent, pneumatic retraction system

The RSP is a pneumatic retraction system that guides triflex® R TRC, TRE and TRCF multi-axis robotic cable carriers to prevent loops from forming and restricting your robot’s movements. The RSP’s force is generated by a pneumatic cylinder and can be adjusted by changing the pressure inside the cylinder. The force progression remains constant, which ensures secure retraction of the cable carrier, even if it’s lightly or heavily filled. The RSP is compatible with various robot models and can be easily and quickly attached using our compact mounting brackets. We offer retraction lengths of up to 780mm for large arm diameters and very complex movements.


  • Pneumatic retraction with adjustable pull-back force
  • Linear pneumatic force ensuring the RSP system moves in sync with the robot
  • Compatible with triflex® R TRE, TRCF and TRC
  • Available for sizes 60mm - 125mm

  • Industrial robots
  • Automotive production
  • Overhead gantries
  • Wall mounting and pedestal

Download the Retraction Systems Assembly Guide

Robot dresspack configurator


  • Select robot types - Kuka, Fanuc, ABB, Yaskawa
  • Detailed parts listed with specs and pricing
  • Always adaptable and easily configurable
  • Configure your system, add to cart and checkout
  • Save your config, request a quote or contact an expert

Use the Robotic Dresspack Configurator
triflex config

Choose your system based on triflex size and fixed end attachment

Part #                Diameter/Side 
TR.RSP.60.L     60mm/left     
TR.RSP.65.L     65mm/left        
TR.RSP.70.L     70mm/left        
TR.RSP.85.L     85mm/left     
TR.RSP.100.L   100mm/left  
TR.RSP.125.L   125mm/right  
TR.RSP.60.R     60mm/right     
TR.RSP.65.R     65mm/right  
TR.RSP.70.R     70mm/right     
TR.RSP.85.R     85mm/right     
TR.RSP.100.R   100mm/right   
TR.RSP.125.R   125mm/right     

Choose your triflex style (TRC closed)

Part #                                  Diameter      Price
TRC.RSP.60.087.1000.0     60mm        Upon Request
TRC.RSP.60.087.1500.0     60mm        Upon Request
TRC.RSP.60.087.2000.0     60mm        Upon Request
TRC.RSP.70.110.1000.0     70mm        Upon Request
TRC.RSP.70.110.1500.0     70mm        Upon Request
TRC.RSP.70.110.2000.0     70mm        Upon Request
TRC.RSP.85.135.1000.0     85mm        Upon Request
TRC.RSP.85.135.1500.0     85mm        Upon Request
TRC.RSP.85.135.2000.0     85mm        Upon Request
TRC.RSP.100.145.1000.0   100mm      Upon Request
TRC.RSP.100.145.1500.0   100mm      Upon Request
TRC.RSP.100.145.2000.0   100mm      Upon Request

Choose your triflex style (TRE open)

Part #                                      Diameter      Price
TRE.RSP.60.087.1000.0.B     60mm        Upon Request
TRE.RSP.60.087.1500.0.B     60mm        Upon Request
TRE.RSP.60.087.2000.0.B     60mm        Upon Request
TRE.RSP.70.110.1000.0.B     70mm        Upon Request
TRE.RSP.70.110.1500.0.B     70mm        Upon Request
TRE.RSP.70.110.2000.0.B     70mm        Upon Request
TRE.RSP.85.135.2000.0.B     85mm        Upon Request
TRE.RSP.85.135.2000.0.B     85mm        Upon Request
TRE.RSP.85.135.2000.0.B     85mm        Upon Request
TRE.RSP.100.145.1000.0.B   100mm      Upon Request
TRE.RSP.100.145.1500.0.B   100mm      Upon Request
TRE.RSP.100.145.2000.0.B   100mm      Upon Request
TRE.RSP.100.145.1500.0.C   100mm      Upon Request

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