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igubal® self-aligning bearings: technical data

igubal® spherical balls

In the igubal® K series, the spherical ball is made from our extremely wear-resistant iglide® L280 plastic. Spherical balls made from this material are known for their low coefficient of friction while running dry and extremely low tendency to stick-slip. This is especially important for applications with low loads and very slow movements.

In the igubal® E series, or K series with the CL suffix, the spherical ball may be switched out to offer another alternative depending on the needs of the application. The most popular alternative to iglide® L280 is iglide® R for its low cost, low coefficient of friction and low moisture absorption. Other specialized alternatives include iglide® J, iglide® J4, iglide® T500, or iglide® UW (meant strictly for underwater applications).


Tough, resistant thermoplastic alloy

Very low coefficients of friction while running dry

Long service life

Vibration dampening

Vibration dampening

Very good abrasion resistance

Excellent wear resistance


Excellent chemical resistance

Suitable for rotary, oscillating and linear movements

Also suitable for soft shafts

igubal® housing made from igumid G

igubal® bearing housings are made from igumid G, a highly shock-resistant, long fiber-reinforced plastic.



High mechanical strength

Shock and impact resistant


Chemical resistant

Dimensionally stable

Influence on tensile strength at different speeds Influence on the tensile strength of igubal® self-aligning bearings at different speeds.

Effect of temperature on tensile strength Effect of the temperature on the maximum tensile strength of igubal® bearings

Application temperatures

Lower -22 °F
Maximum, long-term +176 °F
Maximum, short-term +248 °F

Chemical resistance

Medium Resistance
Alcohol + to 0
Hydrocarbons, chlorinated +
Greases, oils without additives +
Fuels +
Diluted acids 0 to -
Strong acids -
Diluted alkalines +
Strong alkalines 0
+ resistant   0 conditionally resistant   - non-resistant
All specifications at room temperature [68°F]


The load capacity of igubal® self-aligning bearings is high at normal ambient temperatures. igubal® bearings absorb high forces and at the same time weigh only a fifth of traditional metal bearing housings. The excellent dampening properties are based on the fact that the plastic material of the two-part bearing can absorb vibrations differently than steel.

However, plastic-specific properties, such as temperature and behavior under long-term stressing, must be taken into consideration when using igubal® bearings. The load capacity should therefore be checked in a performance test, particularly if they are to be used under continuous high loads and at elevated temperatures.

Coefficients of sliding friction and speed

One important advantage of igubal® bearings is that rapid, rotary movements of a mounted shaft take place directly in the spherical part. The bearings operate in such a way that angular movements take place at the outer diameter, while shaft rotations are supported directly in the inner diameter of the spherical portion. In contrast, with metal rod ends, for example, rotary motion takes place between the race and the spherical bearing. The igubal® bearing design means that rotational surface speeds up to 1.64 ft/s can be achieved.

Application temperatures

igubal® bearings can be used in temperatures from -22 to +176°F. The chart left shows the effect of temperature on the load capacity of the igubal® bearings.

Chemical resistance

Both the standard iglide® L280 spherical ball and the igumid G housing are resistant against weak lyes, weak acids and fuels, as well as all types of lubricants. The moisture absorption of igubal® when used with L280 is approximately 1.3 Wt.-% in standard atmospheric conditions. The saturation limit in water is 6.5%. The moisture absorption of igubal® with iglide® R is approximately .2 Wt.-% in standard atmospheric conditions. The saturation limit in water is 1.1%. This must be be taken into account for these types of applications.

Radiation resistance

Self-aligning igubal® bearings are resistant to radiation uup to an intensity of 3 x 102 Gy.

UV resistance

The corrosion resistance of igubal® bearings makes them particularly suitable for outdoor use. igubal® bearings are also permanently resistant to UV radiation. A small change in the ball color (dark coloration) due to UV rays does not affect the mechanical, electrical or thermal properties.

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