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PVC, PUR and TPE flexible cables

chainflex® cable jacketing materials for a range of requirements

The outer jacket of a cable protects against mechanical stress, high temperatures and chemical substances, among many other conditions. chainflex® cables are designed with the abrasion-resistant and low-adhesion sheath materials PVC, PUR or TPE in order to adhere to specific application requirements.  Learn more about the the advantages of chainflex® cables and about our 36 month guarantee.


  • PVC or polyvinyl chlorine is particularly abrasion-resistant.
  • Chemical structure and difficult flammability makes it ideal for lighting technology, packaging machines and assembly lines.
  • Resistant to permanent moisture and salt water, but not halogen-free.
  • In the low-voltage range, PVC has the best price-performance ratio.
  • Also available in oil-resistant and non-oil-resistant mixtures.
  • Three of our PVC options are control cables CF880 (low cost),  CF130 (standard) and CF5 (oil-resistant).


  • PUR or polyurethane is a halogen-free and self-extinguishing thermoplastic elastomer.
  • Up to a certain temperature, PUR is rubber-like, making it very bend-resistant.
  • The material makes for a strong cable jacket, and notch-resistant, abrasion-resistant and has low temperature flexibility.
  • Compared to other materials, PUR has the best chemical resistance,
  • Ideal for machine tools, plant construction, cement plants or the automotive industry.
  • Our CF890 iguPUR and CF77-UL:PUR cables are engineered with this material, among many other PUR chainflex® options.


  • TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer material.
  • TPE-U is commonly used for flexible cables, as it can reliably withstand mechanical loads and has resistance to external influences such as chemicals and extreme temperatures.
  • TPE is generally suitable for a temperature range of -31˚ to 212˚F.
  • Offered as halogen-free or flame-retardant.  UL 94-HB compliant.
  • The chainflex CF9 cable is a halogen-free TPE cable, and the CF9-UL is a flame-retardant TPE option.
  • Can handle harsh environmental conditions and continuous movement very well, TPE cables are often found in crane applications or material handling.

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