Plastic ball bearing rollers that can move heavy & fragile loads with minimum effort

Five times higher load capacity possible

How are the ball bearing rollers constructed?

ball bearing roller with POM running ball
ball bearing roller with stainless steel support balls
ball bearing rollers

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For low loads

low loads
  • Roll material: POM
  • Load capacity up to 112 lbs (500 N)
  • Temperature-resistant:  -40° to 76°F

For high loads

Axial polymer ball rollers
  • Rollers made of xirodur® B180
  • Load capacity up to 67 lbs (300 N)
  • Low coefficient of friction

Axial with Soft Roller

Axial with Soft Roller
  • Rollers made of xirodur® D180
  • Race material xirodur® B180
  • Maintenance-free and self-lubricating

Polymer high loads

Polymer high loads
  • Roller material POM
  • Ball material stainless steel
  • Load capacity up to 225 lbs (1,000 N)
  • Longer service life, less abrasion

Stainless Steel Conveyor Ball

Stainless Steel Conveyor Ball
  • Ball material: stainless steel
  • Load capacity up to 112 lbs (500 N)
  • Long service life
  • Overhead installation possible

Clamping Ring

Clamping Ring
  • Additional security for strong hold
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Cost-effective

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