The large igus® e-chain® test lab

Better products, but more affordable – a key ingredient: igus® research and development.

Test laboratory for energy chains - facts:

  • 2,147 m² (total area igus test laboratory 3,800 m²)
  • More than 15,000 tests per year for all products
  • 53 testing machines
  • 10 billion e-chain cycles per year in the e-chains and chainflex test laboratory 
  • Three billion test cycles for e-chains alone

What kind of tests are taken?

Seal testing
Endurance testing
Media resistance testing
Bending/braking tests
Cold tests
Tribological property
Chip tests in the igus® lab

Selected tests

E-Tube R4-38L

e-tube R4-38L


igus® locks

E4-350 chain

Tensile and breaking test of the largest plastic e-chain®

Noise test

Noise test

fixed connection elements

Rigid mounting brackets

tensile e-chain oil test

Tensile testing with energy chains in oil

e-skin flat

Cleanroom tests

CF test

Test 2233 - CF5.10.25

E-Chain test

Lighter energy chain with less sag

e-chain series quiet

e-chain® series E6-1 is extremely quiet


e-chain comparison test: E4-42, E4-48L and 3500

Test of e-chain® E4

Test of e-chain® E4

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