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e-loop® | modular e-chain® cable carrier

An alternative to service loops

Advantages of e-loop®

  • Modular e-loop® can open & close when needed for easy maintenance
  • Everything individually replaceable
  • Cable-friendly two-chamber interior separation design
  • Protects against impact due to robust PU outer body
  • Offers operational reliability due to secondary locking tension of all bolted connections
  • Special mounting brackets for quick, easy installation
  • Dirt and weather-resistant
  • 4 year e-chain® cable carrier guarantee
e-loop cable guidance in vertical drilling rigs

White paper: cable guiding in vertical drilling rigs

  • Application areas of the e-loop
  • State of the art in the service loop
  • Crash test for energy chains

Request e-loop® as an alternative to the service loop

NEW: e-loop® for Top-Drive-applications

Part No.Inner ØOuter ØBend radiusWeight
ELP.TD.300.* 230 mm300 mm500 mm ≈ 18kg/m
ELP.220.01.D 150 mm220 mm380 mm≈ 18kg/m
ELP.300.01.D230 mm300 mm500 mm≈ 22kg/m
ELP.430.01.D3600 mm430 mm625 mm≈ 32.4kg/m
TopDrive cables now also with DNV approval

NEW: First TopDrive e-chain cables with DNV approval

Structure of the e-loop®

The interior

The interior

External protectors

External protectors

Plastic-fiber rope

Plastic-fiber rope

Mounting brackets

Mounting brackets

Rollers under the e-loop


e-loop® grip module

e-loop® grip module

Break test of the e-loop®

Load test of e-loop®

e-loop® FAQ

Installation instructions e-loop®

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top drive

Top Drive System with e-loop®

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bucket wheel

Bucket wheel excavator with the e-loop®

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