Complex 3D printed objects produced from high-performance materials

  • Selection of various iglide® materials for moving applications
  • Individual components with wear rates similar to injection-molded parts or bar stock
  • Rapid production, even for complex components
  • Easily upload and order your CAD file online
  • Necessary adaptations and optimizations possible

3D printing service

Get your component made by the 3D printing service
print2mould method at igus

Injection molding tools from the 3D printer

Durability of our 3D printing materials

3D printed gear made of iglidur polymer in tribology test
iglidur filaments and powders for the 3D printing of your component

Filament and laser sintering powder made of iglide polymers

  • Up to 50 times more abrasion-resistant than standard material
  • Wear-resistant components for prototypes and small batches
  • Simple processing
  • Ideal for tribological applications
  • Self-lubricating and dirt resistant

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