Mobile SPO (shore power outlet) with the igus® e-chain® reel

e-chain® reel

move power … protect power … gain flexibility

  • Motorized e-chain® reel that spools a special igus® energy chain
  • Special energy chain with roller inserts, attached to the chain becomes the mobile SPO
  • The e-chain® with mobile SPO can be deployed with existing port equipment or a winch
  • The e-chain® protects and manage the cable not to lie exposed on the terminal
  • The system is fully integrated into the overall safety procedure
  • Can be connected to any stationary SPO
  • With hoist for handling heavy cables
  • Extended length of 164 -197 ft
  • Install mobile SPOs instead of stationary SPOs directly
  • Also possible in very constricted installation spaces
  • Extended length of 246-328 ft
  • Different vessel types can be connected at any time
  • Expensive medium-voltage cables are protected against abrasion and other outside influences
  • Easy handling and increased occupational safety: The mobile SPO is driven to the connection point, heavy
  • Cables do not have to be laboriously dragged to the stationary SPO on the quay
  • Increased safety, longer service life and lower costs

Products used

rol e-chain®
5050HD e-chain®
CFCRANE chainflex®