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Radial ball bearings made of plastic in a pool cleaner


  • What was needed: Corrosion-free and maintenance-free bearings due to underwater use
  • Requirements: Self-lubricating, durable and corrosion-free
  • Material: xirodur® B180
  • Industry: Swimming pool and general pool construction
  • Success for the customer: Long service life, no relubrication of the components

Go to pool cleaner: Decayed subsoil and dirt, generally in the form of leaves, accumulates in swimming pools over the winter months, which is difficult to remove. A remedy is the pool cleaner Poolwonder Turbo XL, which with its own weight of 1.4kg and 40cm suction width easily removes sand, leaves, moss and more from the pool. The pool cleaner is battery operated and is suitable for the daily cleaning of swimming pools of sizes up to 50 square metres.

Buy xiros radial ball bearing made of xirodur® B180
Pool cleaner


The use of underwater ball bearings made of metal is out of the question. The lubricant is washed out or degraded by external influences and the ball bearings run dry. Special ball bearings solutions made of metal rely on the use of external lubricants to ensure long service life. The problem was in finding corrosion-free ball bearings for additional guidance of the motor shaft under the propeller and the first shaft seal.


The xiros radial ball bearings made of the xirodur® B180 material are used for the additional guidance of the motor shaft under the propeller and the first shaft seal. The demand for self-lubricating and corrosion-free solutions led to igus. Another advantage is the suitability of the bearings for the smallest and hard-to-reach installation spaces. In the Poolwonder the bearing is enclosed between two seals, whereby a relubrication is hardly possible.