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e-chain cable carrier 2021 news

Moving energy made easy – through innovation and sustainability

Tech up, cost down. It's our job.

Our goal is to constantly develop new innovations in e-chains and cables. Enabling you to reduce your costs and simultaneously improve the quality of your machines and cable carrier systems.
We at igus also accept the responsibility to contribute to the reduction of plastic waste and improvement of recycling: when energy chains reach their end of service life, we have them processed in the igus chainge recycling program.  Learn more about our investment in chemical recycling as carried out by Mura Technology Limited as well.

Featured e-chain products for 2021

C6 e-chain

C6 energy chain

Energy supply without measurable abrasion

  • Optimized design without any measurable abrasion
  • For ISO cleanroom class 1 applications
  • High stability
  • Quiet operation from sprayed-on silencer profile

P4HD.56R rol e-chain

P4HD.56R rol e-chain

Maximum service life for the latest crane generation

  • Developed for the coming generations of STS cranes
  • Service life extended again (compared to P41.56R) + 50%
  • Low maintenance

triflex R TRX

TRX - telescopic 3D movements

Revolution in robot energy supply

  • Up to 40% length compensation possible
  • Minimization of looping
  • Compatible with the triflex portfolio of the TRE series and therefore easy to retrofit

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autoglide 5

autoglide 5 - the alternative to the busbar

Suitable accessories – even quieter, with cost savings

Tech up: 
Power and data transmission in compact spaces and for fast lane movements. Guide energy, data, air and liquids in ONE system.
Cost down: 
88% shorter assembly time compared to aluminium trough. From €49/metre ready for installation, incl. 2400.07AG.075.0 series e-chain, steel cable guide, harnessed bus cable and 5 single cores of 6mm² each.

E4Q e-chain

Save 40% assembly time. New universal interior separation

Tech up: 
40% less installation time than the E4.1 series. 10% less weight: material recesses reduce weight in concert with high stability.

Cost down: 
save installation time and costs through opening and closing without tools. Reduce process costs with further igus online tools.

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Panel feed e-spool flex 2.0

Panel feed e-spool flex 2.0

e-spool flex mini

Tech up: 
Slip ring-free guide for power, data, liquids or air. Can be equipped with any type of cable.
Cost down: 
No slip ring and cost-effective in the case of repair, as individual components can be replaced.

e-skin® flat cable guidance system

The IPA Fraunhofer Institute's REINER! Purity Technology Prize

Tech up: 
Freely fillable cable guidance system with very compact structure. Modular design with profiles that can be connected together and shortened as required.
Cost down: 
individual cables can be replaced very quickly without changing the entire energy supply system. Flexible standard modular system for many cleanroom applications.

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E4.1R rol e-chain

E4.1R rol e-chain

Easy changeover from sliding to rolling energy chain

Tech up: 
Easy changeover from sliding to rolling cable carrier, a radius for all series, no adapter link necessary, ideal for long travels.
Cost down: 
Upgrade, extend service life of the e-chain, reduce bearing parts, reduce drive power for moving the e-chain.

Glide pads for cable carriers

Low-friction and low-wear sliding elements extend the service life of energy chains

Tech up: 
Low-friction and low-wear sliding elements extend the service life of igus e-chains when the latter are used in applications where the e-chains slide on a surface, especially in environments where abrasive media are present; easy to retrofit.

Cost down: 
Low costs, no rework necessary, predictive maintenance – optional with the additional i.Sense module

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e-dispenser for shore-power supply

safe ... smart ... modular ...

Tech up: 
Modular system: e-chain, drive, steel structure, power cable extended by means of a motor, automatic compensation for the tidal amplitude, cables are completely protected.
Cost down: 
Single cores are more cost-effective than special multicore cables,  time-saving, partially automated connection of the power supply.

PRM rotating energy supply

Complete system with polymer guide trough, 360° rotation angle

Tech up: 
No slip ring, all media in a single system.  Weight saving -85% vs. Steel guide trough

Cost down: 
70% more cost-effective than a comparable steel guide trough.  No minimum purchases – low system price, no minimum order quantity.

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Chain opener for the E2.1

Fast opening and closing

Tech up: 
Opening long e-chain sections in one go, avoidance of damage to crossbar
Cost down: 
Reduce the installation time from 33 to 2 seconds (2m section).

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Modular e-loop cable carrier system

Alternative to the service loop | New size 430

Tech up: 
Modular system that is easy to open. All components are individually replaceable and offer protection against impacts.
Cost down: 
Turnkey solution possible. Including plug-in connectors, electrical testing and terminal box. Also optionally available with isense as integration for predictable maintenance.

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4040RHDB, a complete system for long travels

Travels of 50-200m | Guide trough made of aluminium

Tech up: 
Dynamic applications involving movements at speeds up to 5m/s, extension of service life due to rol e-chain and floating moving end, standardised system for heavy-duty applications.
Cost down: 
No project planning costs, cost saving due to standardization, easy ordering with a part number.

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4040RHDB, a complete system for long travels 50-200m

Guide trough made of galvanized steel

Tech up: 
Dynamic applications involving movements at speeds up to 5m/s, extension of service life due to rol e-chain and floating moving end, standardised system for heavy-duty applications.
Cost down: 
No project planning costs, cost saving due to standardization, easy ordering with a part number.

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Can be rolled onto a drum due to flexibility - cables are protected

Tech up: 
Uninterruptible energy supply without slip ring, also for data, fluids and air, space-saving, extension length up to 21m, cable diameter up to 24mm, diverse drum housings enable adaptation to almost any installation space
Cost down: 
Protection of the cables due to closed e-chain, long service life, cost-effective in the event of repairs, easy replacement of cables, two variants, adapted to the respective customer requirement.

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guidelok vertical with E4.42

Lightweight, fast, long stroke height

Tech up: 
Vertical energy supply with minimal effort, low weight, quiet and low-vibration operation, rocking of the e-chain is reliably avoided, for cable cross-sections up to 38mm, ideal for large stroke heights (25% larger stroke heights than existing GLSL.F.3500*) *Comparison of the maximum vertical travels of series 3500 and E4.42.
Cost down: 
Significantly more cost-effective than complete enclosure of the e-chain in a housing, fast installation on site, minimised transport costs.

To the guidelok vertical

e-skin corrugated tubes

Cleanroom corrugated tube energy supply systems. Increase yield, increase OEE

Tech up: 
Cleanroom-compliant according to IPA cleanroom class 1. e-skin SK for greater unsupported lengths. e-skin soft SKS with elastic material for lower clearance height. e-skin hybrid SKY combines the advantages of e-skin SK and e-skin soft SKF.
Cost down: 
Simple filling with the zipper-opening principle. Cables can be easily maintained and inspected. Cable-friendly due to defined minimum bend radius.

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Ring-shaped interior separation for the e-skin

Minimum particle emission, maximum service life

Tech up: 
For minimum abrasion of the cables in the e-skin energy supply system, very easy to install and highly resilient due to tribo-polymer from the iglidur range of materials.
Cost down: 
Consists of upper and lower shells onto which separators have already been sprayed and can be combined with shelves.

To the ring-shaped interior separation

Crossbar and interior separation for the E6/E6.1 series

More stable and even more abrasion-resistant for greater cleanroom suitability

Tech up: 
igulen CR1, a new tribo-plastic suitable for cleanroom requirements, two-component injection-moulded parts with abrasion-resistant outer jacket, consistently strong crossbars thanks to an innovative production method.

Cost down: 
Longer service life of the cables due to reduced jacket abrasion.

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CFX stacker saddle for pneumatic hoses

CFX stacker saddle for pneumatic hoses

Clamp hoses without crushing them

Tech up: 
Very good holding force due to "all-round grip",  no crushing of the hoses and therefore no hose loss.
Cost down: 
Low price of the injection-moulded parts, fast installation without the need to check the tightening torque

Scara cable solution

Energy supply for Scara robots

Tech up:
Enables stable guidance of cables and/or hoses for supplying a Scara robot with energy. No longer any kinking of the corrugated hose.
Cost down: 
The durability of the corrugated hose for this solution is increased many times over and this reduces the costs for the product and for maintenance.  

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small chain, big performance

Tech up:
A B version of the TRE.30 now exists and increases the radial stability of this chain by a factor of 4.
Cost down: 
The price for the TRE.30.050.0 remains the same but, due to the longer service life and the expanded range of use of the e-chain, the costs decrease in relation to the duration of use.



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