RBR e-chain® cable carriers for rotary motion cable management

Standard modular RBR systems bend up to 360 degrees per second for rotary motion

For several years igus® has been developing customized systems for circular movements with  energy chains, so-called 'rotating systems'. As a result, rotating assemblies can be supplied with energy, for example, on machine tools, robots, and bucket wheel excavators.
In order to provide solutions for such applications even more quickly to customers, the motion plastics specialist has now developed a standard range of rotary modules and offers a complete installation-friendly kit system for fast rotating applications.

We have developed the standard based on customized solutions!
The standard rotary module

Standard rotary module
Additional information about the standard rotary module

What is RBR?

"RBR" is "reverse bend radius" and it means that the e-chain® can bend in two directions. Designs with RBR can be manufactured for many igus® e-chains®. The RBR is not necessarily identical to the normal bend radius (BR) of an e-chain®. Most rotary motions can be achieved with the RBR option. Angles of rotation up to 900° have been realized. Please consult igus® for your particular application.

Standardized divided guide trough

For rotary modules with high speeds and many motion cycles a two-tiered guide channel is used. Using the divided guide trough minimizes the relative movements of cables and the energy chain. This increases the service life of the system thanks to minimized levels of friction for the chain and cables.
RBR trough with inner section rotating
RBR trough with outer section rotating

Fewer interfaces with static rotary modules

Static rotary modules
More information about the static rotary module
In addition to our standard rotary modules, we also offer static rotary modules.
These rotary modules consist of a static guide trough. The fixed end of the e-chain® is attached to the guide trough and the moving end to the rotating part of the machine. The e-chains® from the E4-1 series are used for the rotary modules. Static rotary modules are ideally suited for easy installation in narrow spaces.

RBR guide trough options

The e-chains® slide mostly on surfaces made of plastic, stainless steel or steel and are guided through baffle plates into a rotary movement.

With brackets:

RBR with brackets Flexible mounting to the customer structure

With cover:

RBR with cover Weather and UV protection are easily integrated

Integrated guidance:

Integrated guidance

Tube trough:

Tube trough Open, weight-reducing structure that provides protection from coarse dirt

Space-saving with reversing e-chains®:

Space-saving with reversing e-chains® Symmetrical interior separation of the system and the filling

Real-world examples

Single RBR in a port crane

Harbor crane
Single RBR

Rotation angle: 470°

Speed: 1.82°/s

e-chain®: 4040C-40/40-300/3792-0

chainflex® cable: CF27, CF11, CF14, CF Koax, CFLG

Single RBR with double e-chain® in a reclaimer in Alabama, USA

RBR in a reclaimer
Single RBR with double e-chain®

Angle of rotation: 340° m

Speed: 1°/s

Acceleration: 1,31 ft/s²

e-chain®: E4-80-25/30-200/3850-0

chainflex®: CF300, CF34, CF9, CFLG

Guide trough: stainless steel tube trough, 1.4301

MRM 900° in a jack-up vessel

RBR in offshore applications
RBR 900 degrees

Location of use: the North Sea

Rotation angle: 900°

e-chain®: E4-56-60-200/6000-0, E4-56-60-300-6000-0

chainflex® cable: CF300, CF34, CF10 CFPE, CFLG, CFBUS

Preferred products for the rotary movement installation type: all RBR e-chains®

System E4-1

Huge, modular kit. Snap-open along both sides, affordable. Sideways and with travel paths of more than 656 ft; lightweight.

chainflex® cables

The igus® chainflex® product range includes everything from control cables, servo cables, motor cables and robot cables to bus cables, data cables, encoder cables and fiber optic cables.


Find your assembled cable quickly and easily. Choose from among more than 3,200 assembled motor cables, servo cables, signal cables and encoder cables in accordance with 22 manufacturers' standards.


Ready-to-install systems, from connectors and assembled cables to complex energy supply modules. Everything from a single source, according to your specifications and without a surcharge: configured, manufactured and delivered within 1-10 days*, guaranteed.

The alternative to rotary modules

1. Rotary movement with twisterchain

Circular movements can be implemented with several solutions from the igus® e-chains® range. The twisterchain product line offers the biggest selection for rotary movements. twisterchain solutions are particularly recommended for space restricted applications such as articulated robots, revolving tables, etc.

2. Rotary movement with twisterband

Cost-effective and low wear/maintenance circular motions can be implemented with the igus® twisterband in confined spaces, while reliably guiding energy, data and media.

More application examples

Bucket wheel reclaimer

This bucket wheel reclaimer also has to be equipped with a assembling of +/-180° which can move in a circle. The e-chains® have to accede this movement.


Difficult environmental conditions such as dirt, lubricants, steel wool and temperatures between -30° and +50°C in particular make maximum demands on energy chains.

Bucket wheel reclaimer

This bucket wheel reclaimer, which is used in a port, also has to be equipped with an energy supply that can cope with a circular movement of 360°.

Lignite power plant

energy chain cable carriers are used in this lignite power plant.

Wind tunnel scales

These scales which are used for tests in the wind tunnel can be turned through 180° in both directions away from their original position.

More application examples