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Cable Carriers for Heavy duty applications

40 years of experience!

igus® cable carriers made from high-performance plastics - can be used in almost any industry

igus® is a leading expert in plastic technology, with more than 40 years experience developing complex polymer blends. These specially designed, high-performance polymers enable energy chain cable carriers to be used in virtually any application. They are:

Corrosion resistant

Lightweight yet robust

Cost-effective, modular

Long lasting

Require little to no maintenance

Resistant to dirt, chemicals and extreme temperatures

Tested and proven

Whether the conditions are humidity, dirt, debris, or extreme temperatures, igus® has an energy chain solution for every environment and each one is metal free to prevent corrosion. igus® energy chains replace cable carrier steel systems every day in heavy-duty applications based on their advantageous features and benefits.

Applications include:


Offshore applications

Construction material manufacturing

Ship-to-shore cranes

Off-highway equipment

Composting facilities

Power plants

Waste management facilities

Many more

Ask for a free design consultation from one of our in-house cable carrier experts to discover which solution is right for your particular application.

Application examples

Cable Carrier for Brickworks

Application of cable carriers and continuous-flex cables in tile factory

Cable carriers for road construction

Asphalt is supplied to the front of this road construction vehicle via an energy chain cable carrier.

Waste incineration plant

An energy chain cable carrier operates in this waste incineration plant despite extreme dirt accumulation.

Tunnel boring machine

An energy chain cable carrier is used here to supply a tunnel boring machine.

Steel mills

energy chains withstand extraordinary temperatures in this steel mill.

Thermal application

igus® roller chain in power plant application

Coal-fired power plant

Rol-e-chain® roller cable carrier on a coal-fired power plant in Taaizhou, China.

Cable Carrier System for ship-unloading crane

Heavy duty Series 5050HD plastic cable carriers supply the crane drive on this ship unloader.

Steel works

energy chain cable carriers are used in this steel works. The application involves massive amounts of dirt and dust and extremely high temperatures.

Surface mining

An energy chain cable carrier is used in this bucket-wheel excavator.

Lignite power plant

energy chain cable carriers are used in this lignite power plant.

Roller cable carriers for a composting plant

These roller cable carriers and chainflex® cables operate despite extreme conditions in this compost plant

Vertical drilling machine

The cable carrier on this drilling machine must withstand extreme vibrations and dirt.

Dismantling tool for nuclear power plant decommissioning

Dismantling tool for nuclear power plant decommissioning

More application examples (click to enlarge photos)

Cable carrier for vertical boom

Cable Carrier on vertical boom for semi-submersible platform.

cable carrier for steel construction

Steel construction for a spreader in a lime plant utilizes cable carrier systems.

Steel and iron plant cable carrier

Steel and iron plant uses cable carrier in a high speed and dusty environment.

Coal bulk handling with a covered energy chain system®

Coal bulk handling with a covered energy chain system.

cable carrier power supply for transport of coal to a dump

Power supply for the transportation of coal to a dump, using cable carriers.

cable carrier for ventilation system

Ventilation system in underground storage at a power plant with heavy duty cable carriers

Three energy chains® in operation 24 hours a day for more than 4 years in a brick plant.

Three energy chains cable carriers that have been in operation 24 hours a day for more than 4 years in a brick plant.

cable carrier for harsh environment

High temperature, high speed, heavy weight load, and dusty environment is no challenge for igus® cable carriers.

cable carrier performing in high dirt accumulation environment

High dirt accumulation during oxide removal of rails to be milled.

Cable carriers in aluminum plant

energy chains Cable Carriers in an aluminum plant - operating for 9 years problem-free, with a travel length of 203 ft, and speed of .98 ft/s.

cable carrier for ventilation machine

Cable Carriers on a ventilation machine in a lime plant.

Fertilizer plant cable management system

An energy chain at a fertilizer plant that has been in operation since 1998

Heating plant cable carrier

Heating plant utilizes the heavy duty cable carriers by igus®

cable carrier

A 72 ft travel cable carrier system

Plaster dust

Plaster dust.

Cable carrier for crane

A large crane with travels up to 2,625 ft with the use of igus® cable carrier systems.

Truck washing facility cable carrier

energy chain with chainflex® cables in a truck-washing facility with fine road dust and gravel/mud debris.

cable carrier in harsh environment

Cable carrier performs in high temperature, high speed and dusty environment.

Power plant supply for dredger excavator in a coal dump

Power plant supply for dredger excavator in a coal dump.

Long travel application in a bulk material stocker

Long travel bulk material handling application.

Cable carrier on a crane

Crane with a travel of 63.9 ft and speeds reaching 196 ft/min.

cable carrier for shipyard

Shipyard refueling point for cargo ships utilizes cable carriers.

Compost mud

Compost mud.

More applications from different industries

Cable carrier applications

Cable carrier applications by industry and cable carrier design.