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Steering linkages & linear slides for automotive

igus® products have been developed specifically for dynamic applications, weight and cost reduction and to avoid extensive maintenance.  The high-performance polymers can be used in high temperatures, they withstand vibration and shock loads and are dirt resistant. In addition, custom solutions are available.
Configure linear bearings and linkage joints in accordance with your own application requirements.  Use the igubal® expert system to configure the spherical bearing for your application.  You can then request an order for your bearing.
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drylin® linear bearings are engineered to slide with high-performance, self-lubricating plastics which are maintenance-free and offer consistent coefficients of friction. For automotive applications they offer lightweight, clean, quiet, and vibration-damping operation.

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drylin® N

drylin® N
  • Compact design for confined spaces
  • Available with spring preload
  • Quiet operation
  • Lightweight
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drylin® bearing liners

iglide® bearing liner
  • For all shaft materials
  • Application temperature: -58 to +194°F
  • Best coefficient of friction with steel shaft
  • Longest service life with aluminum, hard-anodized
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drylin® lead screws

drylin® PTGSG
  • High helix, trapezoidal, metric and ACME sizes
  • Dry operation
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet operation
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Removable angled joints

igubal® removable angled joints
  • Easy assembly
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Plastic ball stud available
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igubal® steering linkage systems

igubal® double joint
  • Custom solutions available
  • Vibration damping
  • Easy assembly
  • Custom lengths available
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igubal® special solutions

igubal® special parts
  • low-cost
  • fast delivery
  • spherical balls available in different iglide® materials
  • maintenance-free
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Examples of dry-tech® products in onboard use

drylin® linear guide in the roof window

Resistant to heat and dirt

The self-lubricating properties of drylin® linear guides allow for sliding motion and are resistant to dirt and high temperatures.  They are corrosion-resistant and they show very low moisture absorption.
drylin® linear guide in arm rest

Quiet operation and maintenance-free

drylin® linear guides are designed for smooth and quiet operation based on their high-performance polymer components which are self-lubricating and maintenance-free.
drylin® linear guide to adjust the head rest

Easy and safe adjustment of head rest

The durable drylin® material is maintenance-free and has a long service life.  Due to its design, the head rest can be adjusted conveniently.
igubal® double joint at the turbocharger

Custom-made components for very high temperatures

The self-lubricating properties of drylin® linear guides allow for sliding motion and can tolerate very high temperatures.  They are corrosion-resistant and show very low moisture absorption.
igubal® double joint at the gearbox

Steering linkages for gear applications

igubal® steering linkages replace their metal counterparts in gear box applications as the high performance polymers reduce noise and are vibration damping.

igubal® double joint at the engine block

Custom linkage joints for controlled intake manifold

The advantages of igubal® polymer linkage joints are a high load bearing capacity and a significant reduction in weight as well as wear rate.  These properties make them superior to their metal counterparts.

dry-tech® products used in automotive production

Actuator painting facility automotive production

Reduced maintenance in painting processes

Replacing actuators with igus® products made of high-performance polymers not only reduces maintenance significantly, it also eliminates the need for lubrication.

drylin® linear technology in machines for axle shaft processing

Continuous operation and easy assembly

When cleaning and laser marking axle shafts, drylin® linear guide systems have proven to facilitate processes significantly as they are easily installed and do not require any maintenance.

Welding tongs in the automotive production with drylin® linear technology

A long service life despite harsh environmental conditions

During spot-welding processes, components are required that can withstand the rough working conditions. drylin® linear guide systems have proven to be unaffected by these circumstances.

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drylin® W linear guide sample box

drylin® W linear guide sample box
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iglide® bearings automotive sample box

iglide® bearings automotive sample box
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