Cost-effective, dry-running automotive bearings & onboard components

igus® has invested substantially into the research and development of its iglide® bearing materials. Inside our 41,000ft² test lab in Cologne, Germany, igus® engineers run 12,000 bearing tests a year, optimizing our materials for high-speed rotational and linear movements as well as harsh environmental conditions. Due to this extensive testing, iglide® bearings are proven to last 8 times longer than metal components.

They also reduce costs by up to 40%. iglide® bearings are vibration damping, resistant to dirt and corrosion (aqueous and acidic), and are embedded with solid lubricants to eliminate the need of external oil or grease. They perform well in high temperatures and under static loads. Materials with low moisture absorption are available as well as custom solutions that meet your unique application requirements.

Where are igus® components in vehicles?

Automotive Applications

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Onboard Bearings & Linear Systems

drytech onboard
  • Manufactured as standard or custom part
  • Lighter than metal bearings
  • Significant noise reduction
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Onboard Cable Carriers

e-chain onboard
  • Reduce downtime, save cost
  • Compact, lightweight, easy to fill
  • Plastic carriers built for flexible cables
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Robotics for Automotive Production

triflex® R robotic cable carriers
  • Reduce downtime
  • Easy assembly
  • Durable
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Car Seat Adjustments

car seats

Bearings, linear systems and lead screw assemblies

Whether in the backrest, seat, headrest, armrest or legrest, the modern vehicle seat offers numerous adjustment options. And we have the right bearings and cable carriers. Linear, swiveling or rotating: we have the right product for every type of movement.  
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Lead Screw Assemblies


Lead screw nuts & lead screws from a single source

  • Cost-effective alternative to conventional lead screw drives made of metal
  • Individual design, uncomplicated system integration, short delivery times
  • Wide variety of self-lubricating, maintenance-free materials
  • Almost silent operation, ideal for small installation spaces
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