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Self-lubricating; low noise, fail-safe and long-lasting

e-chains® and chainflex® cables for a reliable energy and data transmission - also ready-to-install harnessed readychain® system

The vending machine technology is establishing itself day by day in many different industries. Users benefit from the convenience of having their desired product delivered quickly and at the same time need little space for storage. In addition to industrial use in e.g. pick & place systems or tool handling, more vending machines are used directly in salesrooms and in this way new standards are being set for speed and smooth running. All movements have one thing in common. Fully automated systems start and run in the background – quickly, quietly and fail-safe. Specifically for this purpose, igus® offers a large modular kit of self-lubricating and maintenance-free product solutions. Self-lubricating, low noise drylin® drive modules for positioning, fail-safe energy chains and cables, maintenance-free plain bearings, efficient high helix threads, lightweight linear guides even for the smallest of spaces.

Whether they are individual components or systems such as harnessed energy chains with cables and connectors or ready-to-install linear axes with a motor, igus® products provide the following benefits:


Silent operation and smooth gliding

Resistance to dirt

Long service life

Corrosion resistance

Compact products for the smallest installation spaces

High media resistance

Ready-to-install harnessed system solutions

Low-cost automation solutions

A wide array of variants and material types

Delivery from stock at quantities as low as 1 item in as little as 24 h

Vending machinery
vending machine igus parts

igus® applications for the vending machine technology

Guide energy in extremely small installation spaces …

No external lubrication … with igus® dry-tech®

Warehouse In this fully automatic warehouse, e-chains® and chainflex® cables accomplish maximum services.
Inspection station In this inspection station, banknotes are checked fully using self-lubricating drylin® ZLW toothed belt axes..

Further application examples

Benefits of igus® motion plastics®

energy chains, cables and linear technology …

… Reduce costs and improve technology

High media resistance

Media resistance

iglide® materials – in particular of the "iglide® H family" – are distinguished by a high media resistance and a wide application range in wet areas. Thus the leakage of Cola (phosphoric acid) or juices does not affect the functional capability of iglide® plain bearings or drylin® linear bearings. Due to the omission of lubricants, the lubricants need not also be rinsed or flushed out.

Low-cost automation

Low-cost automation

Simple automation tasks at a low price with drylin® low-cost drive units. Whether entirely of plastic or for simple adjustments. These key messages characterize the drylin® linear axes of the "low-cost automation" type series. For many linear axes, igus® offers motor kit options for connection to stepper or DC motors.

Compact, flat designed solutions


Wherever space is restricted, the e-chains® and chainflex® cables for the smallest bend radii from 4 x d are the ideal and fail-safe solution. The very flat-designed drylin® N flat guides help in making your equipment very compact, space-saving and maintenance-free.

Maintenance-free, dust-repellent

Resistant to dirt

Use is also enabled in very dirty and dusty environments. Particles are repelled from the contact surface by the movement itself. Seals can be dispensed with due to the dry operation. Dust and dirt cannot stick to grease or oil.

Products for the vending machine technology

Moving energy made easy

chainflex® works – guaranteed

e-chain® E2 micro

For smallest installation spaces

UL94-V2 (optional V0)

Stable, light and quiet

PVC control cables CF130-UL & CF140-UL

For medium duty applications

PVC outer jacket (CF140 shielded)

Flame retardant

Lubrication-free mounting ...

… self-aligning ...

iglide® G300

High abrasion resistance

Resistance to dust and dirt

Suitable for e-coating

igubal® pillow block bearing

With split housing and/or spherical ball (optional).

Quiet linear travel ...

... low noise .. maintenance-free

drylin® N low profile guide systems

Low installation height 6-12 mm

Very lightweight

Numerous carriage options– also with pretension

drylin® lead screw drives

Efficient and durable dryspin® technology

Self-locking trapezoidal and metric threads

Lead screw nuts made from 5 iglide® materials

More information:

Test lab

Test lab - Quality from igus®

You can rely on the igus® quality

Applications with a high number of cycles, high speeds and accelerations in demanding environmental conditions require testing to ensure correct functioning, especially for energy chains and cables, as well as polymer plain bearings and linear systems. igus® conducts tests continuously in the in-house laboratory under real conditions, Every year, more than 2000 tests are conducted on e-chains® and cables, and over 5000 tests on plain bearings. The focus of our tests are tensile strengths and shear forces. Friction values, wear rates, drive forces and abrasion under all possible conditions at diverse speeds. Influence coefficients such as dirt, weathering, low temperature, or impacts and shocks are tested.