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The only MTW cables for e-chain® AND cable rack

The introduction of the new cable series CF150.UL and CF160.UL now offer the possibility to install the cable directly after the energy chain on the cable rack, because the cables are UL listed. This can eliminate the plug-in points behind the e-chain and the storage of different cable types for the energy chain and fixed installation sections. Both cable types can be found in the control cable area and extend the part of the PVC cables. They are clearly different from other MTW cables, because with this portfolio expansion we also fully rely on a service life guarantee and tests in our chainflex test laboratory.
Tech up

Tech up

  • One cable for e-chain and cable rack
  • Easy usability in different systems
  • Service life statement guarantees up to 10 million double strokes
  • Calculate service life online
Cost down

Cost down

  • Elimination of costly enclosures
  • Avoidance of double stock-keeping of cables for the chain area and for fixed installation


  • Approvals: UL MTW, UL TC-ER 90°C 600V,  
    UL WTTC 90°C 1,000V, UL DP-1,  
    UL AWM 90°C 600V, C(UL) CIC/TC  
  • Fire tests: FT4, FT1, VW1
  • Service life test 5419 - 5422 up to 26 million strokes
  • Calculate service life of the cable online:


  • Reduction of downtime by avoiding cable types without chain qualification

Worldwide certifications

chainflex® – welcome to the world!

Machines of all kinds are now used all over the world in a global economy. For this reason, we at igus have been paying attention to high standard-compliant manufacturing of our products for years. 
This means that for our chainflex cables, we have a special focus on fulfilling all directives and approval regulations of the most important worldwide standards. So, you will find the right cable for almost any requirement, worldwide.  

All details on new CF150.UL control cables at a glance

igus® Part No.Number of cores and conductor nominal cross section
Outer diameter 
Copper index Weight 
CF150.UL.10.03   3G1.08,032 78 order
CF150.UL.10.04   48,54294 order
CF150.UL.10.05   59,052112 order
CF150.UL.10.07   710,573155 order
CF150.UL.10.12   1215,5124281 order
CF150.UL.10.18   1819,5186426 order
CF150.UL.15.03   38,54798 order
CF150.UL.15.04   49,063122 order
CF150.UL.15.05   510,078148 order
CF150.UL.15.07   712,0109206 order
CF150.UL.15.12   1216,5186366 order
CF150.UL.15.18   1821,0278529 order
CF150.UL.25.03   39,578133 order
CF150.UL.25.04   410,0103163 order
CF150.UL.25.05   511,0129200 order
CF150.UL.25.07   712,0181269 order
CF150.UL.25.12   1218,5309502 order
CF150.UL.25.18   1824,5464809 order

All details on new CF160.UL control cables at a glance

igus® Part No.Number of cores and conductor nominal cross section
Outer diameter 
Copper index Weight 
CF160.UL.10.03(3G1.0)9,555120 order
CF160.UL.10.04(4)10,068142 order
CF160.UL.10.05(5)11,080164 order
CF160.UL.10.07(7)12,5112220 order
CF160.UL.10.12(12)18,5184389 order
CF160.UL.10.18(18)23,5291648 order
CF150.UL.15.03(3)10,075148,5 order
CF150.UL.15.04(4)11,092175 order
CF160.UL.15.05(5)12,0110204 order
CF160.UL.15.07(7)13,5146271 order
CF160.UL.15.12(12)20,0252478 order
CF160.UL.15.18(18)25,5388763 order
CF160.UL.25.03(3)11,0106184 order
CF160.UL.25.04(4)12,0135219 order
CF160.UL.25.05(5)13,0166264 order
CF160.UL.25.07(7)14,5227361 order
CF160.UL.25.12(12)23,5404688 order
CF160.UL.25.18(18)29,55951092 order

The complete chainflex range

chainflex® portfolio chainflex cables are cables for moving applications in energy chains or for robot applications - all dependable with a guarantee of up to 4 years and up to 40 million cycles.  chainflex cables work flawlessly with high speeds and accelerations, long travels as well as very extreme ambient conditions.

All highlights from the test laboratory

chainflex test trials The chainflex laboratory concentrates on special experiments and tests that are not covered by the relevant normal standards and laboratories, but are absolutely necessary for determining the service life and functional capability of moving cables in the e-chain. This has now been confirmed again by UL. 

Guaranteed harnessed cables

readycable overview readycable® harnessed cables are ready-to-connect cables. As a manufacturer and harnesser, igus offers everything from a single source and reduces your process costs. The portfolio covers a range of catalogue products, including harnessed cables meeting many manufacturer standards and available in custom single-unit or high-volume production.

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